Lecherous Lexicon:

Vocabulary Every Vixen Should Know


Word Foreplay

Part III.

More cunning linguist terms for sensual parts, SINsational practices, preferences, and fornication fetishes from days of yore. This list is for entertainment purposes only and if not meant to offend or insult anyone’s sensibilities. Hopefully it will however arouse you and entice you to use more colorful dialogue when enjoying verbal repartee and banter. Foreplay can be of the erogenous zone of the mind. And this is a little mental masturbatory appetizer. Please enjoy and if you have any other words, phrases or ideas to add please let me know. Again, this list isn’t meant to offend but if you see a term that has a meaning that is anything other than intended please let me know and I’ll edit it out.


Broom- pubic brush with a bristly bush. Think female mound with bristle hair.

“She may be a witch but she is welcome to fly over me with that broom any day of the week,” he declared eagerly.


Braille –The bumps and tactical topography of a woman’s lady-parts. Being able to feel the tactile differences of a woman’s body.

He may be strange but he reads the braille of the body better than anyone.


Erotomotive Force abbrev. E.M.F. -electromotive force of electronics in urge

Her E.M.F. were like that of a machine and could make even an automaton envious. (Refer also to Sex machine)


Boodle-fever – enticing flirtations and teases before the end of a date/conquest to excite and keep a man hungry for more/round two.

She knew how to make sure he left infected with lovesickness and the classic boodle-fever of need so as to ensure his return.