Lecherous Linguistics

Vocabulary Every Vixen Should Know

Part II.

Orgasmogenic- Able to bring to orgasm readily and easily.

He may not have been photogenic but he provided an orgasmogenic effect on the ladies –luck for him.


Osmolagnia –The arousing odors that elicit an amorous influence on a person’s libido.

A flagrant & fragrant perfumery can be enticing but the osmolagnia of a lover is even more enamored with the body’s natural pheromones.


Zither – female anatomy pertaining to the clit.

He was eager to get past her zipper & slither into her zither at the first opportune moment that arose.


Xassafrassed  -to get impregnated.

No one would have guessed that under all her petticoats coats, she was xassafrassed and starting to show.


Xenobobs- Female posterior/ass that entrances the glances of a male.

Her rosy cheeks were just lovely but the swell of the cheeks of her xenobobs were even more enticing to his sensibilities.


Titty bug – lover of breasts

That titty bug was rendered completely helpless under the spell of her pert jugs.


Tababido the sexual prowess and urges attributed to smokers.

Perhaps it is the suggestive oral skills and fixation that makes the alleged tababido of smokers legendary.


Schizerastia- Another synonym for a  breast-lover  and avid boob-watcher


Most heterosexual men have some form of schizerastia to varying degrees.


Quim sticking – Using one’s protrusion to connect and peruse a lady’s entrance.

If quim sticking was an recognized Olympic sport –he’d have obtained a gold metal by now.


Firebox- the impassioned and engorged phallus erectus (cock).

She surly knew just how to ignite his firebox like an alcohol soaked match.


Painter –the penis moistly tipped with the “paint of love”

He colored her ablaze as any skilled painter would, with the lover’s seal of approval.


Paddle -amorously caress with one’s phallus.

He began to sensually paddle and tongue-lash her with this sweetest form of punishment.


Nymphe du pave –a  harlot for hire

Despite gentlemen’s protests to the contrary, everyone loves a nymphe du pave and their irascible charms…


Nocturne: sexual copulating in the midnight hours.

I prefer nocturne sexual meanderings greatly to those of the morn.


Nether mouth –The mouth of a woman’s nether-land. (as in oral sex)

His tongue rimmed her brimming nether mouth eagerly.


Monosyllable –pertaining to the slang that refers to a woman’s mound. These terms tend to be of the short and concise variety belying their underling complexity.

Some dirty words are a bit longer than for words but just as filthy none-the-less, monosyllable being one of my fave.


Mount/Mt. Pleasant- pudendal pedestal mound

Man’s favorite mountain to scale as they can easily climb to the peak is Mt. Pleasant; they also love the scenic views.


Feel the oysters –caress the balls

I find it’s important when caressing the shaft not to forget to feel the oysters simultaneously as well.


Jazzabell -jazz age jezabel/a woman of loose morals.

She was always a bit of a jazzabell but her new exhibition in the land of no-inhibitions really takes the cake.


Cherry Mary –A woman who went from virtue to vice.

That Cherry Mary enjoyed her fast descent into debauchery.


Chat – clitoris

Listen to her chitter as you rub her sweet chat.


Touch of the Bun: ritualistic superstition involving rubbing the clit of a woman for good luck -much like rubbing a Budda’s belly.

The touch of the bun was popularized by many a  sailor of the olden days and yesteryear.