Vocabulary Every Vixen Should Know

Sexy Words/Phrases of the Day

Dirty Words

Archaic words of lust & profane slang: NOTE Some of these words are so old-world with many colloquial meanings that I may not be aware of despite my research.  Rest assured none of these words are meant to cause offense or be used in anything other than loving tongue-in-cheek coquettish fun. This is just entertainment and I apologize in advance if any of them seem anything other than light-hearted and if you happen to see a term that seems to mean anything other than my intention let me know and I’ll be sure to edit it out. 😉

Part I.

Erotomastia (noun)–Sexual excitement/orgasm a woman derives from having her breasts fondled.

Erotic acts of erotomastia are sure to pleasure women with sensitive breasts.


Cupid’s Bow –The upper lip’s delicate curves and the indentation of the philtrum that resembles a bow from a bow and arrow.

Her ripe Cupid’s Bow is sure to have pierced many men with it’s enticing allure.


In A Minor Key –Half-mast sexual overture with a  less than enamored phallus/cock.

Surely he couldn’t expect a climatic crescendo of ecstasy if he could barely rouse himself & was haphazardly strumming her in a minor key.


Frottage -The sexual arouse one finds from rubbing oneself up against another even while full clothed. As known as “dry-humping.”

It’s amazing how such blatant acts of frottage pass for dancing these days and in public venues no less ;0)


Andromania –excessive lusting & sexual desire of a female (I just call this Saturday.)

Andromania is a rather beautiful affliction…


A cappella –making musical overtures without ahem the aid of accompanying instruments (in this case condoms)

It is never wise to go completely a cappella with a suitor you barely know.