The following is a formal request from one of my callers. What say you? Is he worthy? Yay or Nay?


This is Footpuppy. After much thought, I would like to humbly beg Mistress Fiona and her boyfriend to allow me the honor of becoming their personal foot bitch. I want to crawl grovel and humble myself before them and serve. PLEASE, Mistress Fiona, I BEG for this privilege. Master, I also humbly beg you for the opportunity to serve you, as well.

Sir, I will kneel before you with head bowed in submission. I will lick your shoes when you arrive home. PLEASE, MASTER, allow me to take off your shoes and socks and lick your feet clean for you. Please , Mistress Fiona and Master, I beg for the honor to serve you both. I want to kneel in front of both of you and obey your orders. I long to become a footstool for both of you, as you relax and watch movies, or simply chat. I am there for your pleasure and amusement.

I BEG YOU BOTH!! Please consider me to spend my life at your feet. Mistress Fiona and Master walk all over me and put me in my place which is at, under, and always at your feet. Mistress Fiona, I will spend hours cleaning your shoes with my tongue. Master, I will humbly clean your shoes the same way. Please, please, please, Mistress Fiona and Master, give me a chance to grovel humbly before you both. My main goal always will be obedience and laying at your feet. Please, I beg you to let me serve you both!

Mistress Fiona, after a long hard day, I will smell your feet for hours on end. I surrender, I kneel, I bow, I grovel.