If you are wondering what a tease session is like with me, all I can think to say is it’s like spinning the wheel of fortune for you see kink kryptonite is anything that becomes too routine or lackluster from a dearth of variety   and don’t expect every session with me to be exactly the same. I like to playfully bat around and pounce on that prick when you least expect it but not always all at once. Improvisation really fuels creativity in cock domination.
Does this make me a dirty little despotic sexpot? Well quite frankly sometime I sure am!

I may guide you through a thorough tip to the core of those balls man-ssage. This delicate form of cock and ball torture is more tease than torment. But then those swaying lines do blur when you aren’t sure if you will get in my good graces and actually have the privilege of cumming on your call.
Or perhaps I’ll make you beat off to the rhythm of my little metronome while I finger myself and enjoy your ever quickening breath.

If I’m feeling exceptionally turned on and sensationally sinful I may even show you a little trick to make it feel like I am right, there licking your dick. And yes, in case you are wondering some femdoms love giving blow jobs since pleasure is a great positive reinforcement to commend good behavior. And remember when a woman has a man’s dick in her mouth she still has him tightly by the balls. So tread carefully pet.