The only thing worse than a man that can’t hold his own liquor? A cum-slinger with a trigger happy finger!

I suppose I should be use to it by now. Guys that can’t keep from shooting their load are nothing new. It’s ironic in fact, that many people assume that being a sexy little cock tease princess would make my profession easier. In fact it can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand yes, it bodes well for scintillating seduction & getting my subbies all atwitter.


It makes tease and denial sessions that much more problematic. What is a mistress to do when her pet’s penises preempt her attempt to edge those cocks beyond coherence? Even when one can decode the perfect pace to make their pulse race, it is exceedingly difficult to make sure her charges don’t get overexcited and “overexert” themselves too soon.

So shall a punishment be dished out? Of course! And not a fun one that is secretly yearned for by subbies either like OTK spankings, cum-guzzling their own messes, or being subtly humiliated by having to confess their  deepest darkest desires for the sheer amusement that it will bring to their femme domme. No, no that is way to lenient for such a major infraction. When a domme demand is  usurped, it’s time to lay down the law and train that dick properly trained and restrained.

It’s time for LONGTERM COCK LOCK-DOWN. A cage to keep those sticky little fingers from making mischief.

penis penitentiary

penis penitentiary