Pencil Dick!  Needle Cock!  Dinky Dick-let! Clit of a Dick!


…. Sound familiar? Perhaps you have heard these words in jest by other men in the locker room showers, or overheard from the jeering whispers of exasperated and inexperienced ex-girlfriends that were hoping you would prove their initial instincts wrong until a disappointing night turned out to be evident to the contrary.   Or maybe you where always attracted to the very women that scorned you for your shortcoming. As if you sensed they knew just how diminutive you have always been.

Sure you can appear confident to the outside world, competent and sure of yourself in all matters other than between the sheets. Maybe you can even fool a few friends into thinking you are quite the alpha stud. However women know the truth. They can smell the insecurity permeating off you. That’s what draws you to them even as they are conversely repelled.

It might be a  matter of body chemistry and pheromones or the lack thereof that indicates endowment verses dearth.  How and when you figured it out –when you were a young man or maybe it took a more recent realization to paint the painfully obvious picture as you being penile impaired? Regardless, here you are now; Completely aware of your small stature. If you feel you are still  needing to ponder your pre-dick-ament in further detail and/or need a more obvious pictorial manifestation then I have just the website for you: https://www.thevisualiser.net/ This site was brought to my much-amused attention by a submissive pet of mine that loved hearing my laughter over the intricate comparison charts that can be personalized to show the marked distinct difference of a puny little beta wannabe-dick and a fully fledged phallus of the alpha variety.  Dare to see where your miniscule “manhood” falls and fails in the charts? I know you secretly love the sting of small penis humiliation. 😉

Do You Know Your Righful Place As A Submissive?

Come on and call or comment below and confess your little cock mess to me 😉