Humiliation Session Tips

Calls are an interactive art. It depends on the chemistry between two people, and it takes both to equally engage with each other. I don’t think of myself as a mere entertainer but rather a sensual femdom & one that is selective about those she chooses to play with.

It’s hard to say what my methodology is with humiliation as this really depends on the person I’m talking with and what they inspire. I don’t blindly throw about names with no meaning behind them. Being a femdom and how one chooses to go about it is a highly subjective matter much like the art of a session itself. I don’t perform on command like a pup. I go from sensually sweet to strict as I feel it’s needed and at my whim.

Impudence, such as ostentatiously questioning a mistress’s logic, is a punishable offense in itself. If you’re new then I’ll give you a bit of leeway. If however you think I’m what you’re looking for and will make me a nice pet, a ten minute intro call would be a good idea before we actually get into a play scenario just to be sure we both are on the same page.