How To Stop the Sub Drop


After you go through all the biochemical changes from subspace some submissives may experience sub drop which is similar to a brief period of feeling down in the doldrums, melancholy, listless and or drained. The mind, body and emotions have much to process through.

Everyone is physiologically different as well as their personal interpretations of various stimuli and what emotions they trigger. Likewise, subspace and sub drop is something that not all submissives necessarily go through and if they do it can vary vastly from person to person.

A few preventative measures can be taken to avoid sub drop as well as things that can be done during its occurrence if and when it happens:

**Talk it Out -With your dom and/or trusted friends and confidants.

**Meditation –Decompress with yoga, relaxing music, aromatherapy.


**Nurture yourself with proper nutrition & hydrate. Plenty of water, fruits, vegetables and protein-rich, healthy foods will make a huge difference.

**Light Exercise like walking on a scenic trail, or low impact activities like indoor swimming at a local gym can be helpful.

**Reflection & Introspection– Journal your thoughts, & feelings, goals (a submissive journal similar to the sissy journal I blogged about a few posts ago).

 **Rest -Catch some Zzzz’s

**Pamper Yourself with a relaxing spa day and full body massage

**Talk with your femdom for submissive play aftercare and pre-care ideas to do together.

**Brainstorm ways to prepare and think about putting together a Submissive Subdrop Survival Kit.

**Discuss and evolve a plan for anticipating and accommodating your needs but realize they may change over time and from session to session so this is an ongoing process of tweaking. Always be sure to inform your femdom of any areas you do not wish to explore or that feel too extreme in intensity. Set soft and hard limits and always have clear lines of communication open and/or safe words in place. You may even get rewarded with a happy ending to a stroking session if your Mistress is pleased with your  progress and knows you did your very best during the BDSM play scene.

**Be gentle with yourself, give yourself time, think about what you hope to get out of your next session and how what may help lessen the aftereffects for next time.

What is Domspace?

Doms may also experience an domming equivalent of subspace called “domspace” in a lesser extreme degree but just as intensive bonding experience with their subs.  Dom-Bonding helps replenish us as well as you. There even is what’s considered a  “dom drop/domme drop” phenomena as well that can be dealt with and prevented in much the same way as above.

 Spa Day

What works for you Mistresses and subbies? Care to share with the class anyone?