The Rabbit –This is no Bunny to Foo Foo


Empress Courtney and our Sissy Maid Sadie where having a lively discussion on vibrators and the like when it brought to my mind, my very first pink vibrator. It was called the Rabbit and it had a vibrating “bunny” on the base of a long dildo. I must confession I prefer true to life in the flesh cock to that of a dildo however, almost nothing else beats a good clit massaging vibrator.


I first bought one with my best friend at the time. We went to the local Pleasure Place and giggled all the way to the register. And yes, we heard about it from Sex in the City reruns. That beautiful piece of electronic delight lasted me a solid 4 years of use and abuse.  It’s like a candy for your clit!  Everything and more –it exceeded my expectations tenfold.


I did run the poor thing ragged though and learned an interesting and what I suppose should have been obvious mechanical maintenance tip.

It was Smokin’ Hot


So I was doing my usual deed of self-pleasure one evening when my vibe started to make a strange noise. It lurched a bit but seemed to get back into the proper pace of groove.

I was so in the zone that I hardly noticed that the warmth seeping up my core was actually coming from the base of my toy’s power pack unit. I looked down to my freshly waxed slit and noticed that the vibe was revved up faster than usual as it shook in my hand. The jagged motions seemed to create spasms in me unlike ever before –it was just faster and more intense than I was use to.


It was then that a smell like burning candlewicks permeated my bedroom –not that I was overly concerned considering in the state I was in at that point.



It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I noticed little curls of smoke where wafting from the rabbit itself! Now in a normal sensible state of mind I would have stopped accordingly but I was so riled up I was way past the point of practicality. All the surges of adrenaline and in spite of –or perhaps maybe because of, the sense of danger, I was spun into a grand finale that rocked my whole body with seismic convulsions from ever little nerve ending on my clit.


A few weeks later when I went to replace it, I asked the attendant as the counter what might have caused such a bizarre end to my beloved sex toy. I was informed you can apparently burn out the motor if you don’t take out the batteries from the pack when not in use. So FYI, that might save you burning up your fave battery operated device sometime.


Until Next Time My Little Pleasure Pups and Cum-Drops!

~*Fiona the Femme Fatale*~
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