Honoring Thy Self


I often get asked the question what else do I do when not training sissy boys, humiliating cuckolds, seducing and instructing CE and teasing and denying lowly mere mortals. Well frankly a lot. It’s a busy fast-paced lifestyle when you are left to your “devices” (tee-hee) and scheduling.


The only real problem is that in a very strange sense I feel as though I live outside of time. Days/nights, weeks/months blend together and bleed like watercolors from one onto the next. Making my discombobulated mind spin. However I always seem to find the time for connecting with you all. I love that like time, my “job” and everyday life also blend together richly. Perhaps this is because I am doing what I love and finally found my niche so even work feels like play and vice versa. So as you can see, a day in my life can only loosely be defined and never flows exactly the same way. However there are a few rituals I do for a sense of “normalcy.” These don’t include my sexy adventures. You’ll get plenty of that in other posts of mine.


When I wake I:

–Indulge in a long, steamy bubble bath. I luxuriate in the soul-soothing sound of the ripples combined with music. I love all kinds but typically start the day with Etta, Duke, Ella, or Frank.

–Brew a cup of strong black tea with clover honey.

–Mediation is mindful slacking –at least in my personal dictionary.  And this best describes what I do for at least 30 mins. before signing in. The art of doing nothing clears the way for future somethings to seed themselves and spring forth into inspirations and ideas. I think this daydreaming is what fuels my mind and helps propel me into being more productive and creative.

Later on I:

–Go for a long walk to clear my head, smell the air, and gaze at the sky. Sometimes I do this at night as I prefer to moon-bathe than sunbathe. Also I like to think of the great outdoors as nature’s gym. I love to rock climb, hike, swim, and hula. If it’s not possible to do so, I’ll jam to my Bollywood workout DVDs.

–Catch up with my boytoys, gal pals, and local friends on the phone or in person.

–Read myself to sleep.


What do you do to honor yourself? Any daily rituals/traditions you perform to keep yourself feeling fresh? Better yet does this give you an inkling of an idea as to how to worship me? Can you gather what pleases me as a mistress goddess? I hope so as it really doesn’t take much. 😉

~*Fiona the Femme Fatale*~
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