Here at the Empire we are always coming up with fun ways to engage and excite our pets! For the 2016 season We have Reindeer Games! (Check out the hyperlink for more info on Cock Control.) Don’t miss out on your chance to win big. December 11 is the cut off last day. But that’s not all snowflakes! In keeping with the spirit of playful giveaways, I too have one to add to the festivities!


This A-mazing challenge requires you to find your way through my labyrinth. You can  print, complete and scan the resolved puzzle OR utilize the image by using the draw tool function on Paint.  Anyone who completes this puzzle by Dec 25 gets a free ten min call with me (one per customer).

If you’re feelin’ lucky try both 😉

Stay tuned for my “Ring My Bell New: Year’s Sexy Fun Products to Try in 2017” Post

Holi-daze Maze