Sense and Sensibility: Sensory Play, Deprivation and Accentuation  


Think about the Hitchcockian style of cinema. He lets the audience’s imagination fill in the blanks with what is merely eluded to and suggested. By taking the reins and using the power of the viewers’ own mind and deepest consciousness, he conducts an inner landscape that is saturated by each individual’s own innermost fears, memories and fantasies. This co-creation is all the more distinctively elegant by the starkness. We vivify the vague shadows, sliding silhouettes, mere hints at visages just out of reach and beyond focused sight. The mind’s eye sees so much more than we realize. There is no need for the literal overkill of gory and gratuitous violence bludgeoning and belaboring the classic genre of suspense and thrills.

The human body is an amazing organic machine.

Take one sense away and another is amplified. The power of our own mysterious minds and imagination can not only compensate but heighten what our sense perception cannot. Our bodies adapt and thrive when one of the five senses is silenced.

What does this have to do with the sexual realm you ask?

In much the same way, sensory deprivation play in the arena of sex, can emphasis and ignite that which cannot be seen, heard, or said.

Knowing and harnessing this fact is especially helpful in the modern world where our senses are relentlessly overstimulated and constantly consumed by a competing cacophony of texts, conversations, and information in an ever-growing cyber- smorgasbord.

So what better way to shake off the excessive distractions than to cleanse the palette of our senses and revitalize each role they play in our lives and sexual playground? Enthralling, erotic and therapeutic, it’s a wonder preamble to tantric masturbation or BDSM play.

Shake off the cobwebs of confusion and by rebooting in the bedroom. Harness & utilize the element of surprise -it’s anything but senseless. 😉

Spring XOXOXO,