A Few Tools of the Trade:


Blindfolds & Gags

Headphones (w/ or without music to shroud the other sounds) Check out great fuck music <–here

Essential Oils -Peppermint, Mandarin Orange, Egyptian Musk, French Vanilla are a few faves

Warm Compresses/Warm Wax -For temperature play -makes sure it’s warm but not scalding and use wax candles meant for skin and massages.

Ice cubes– For drizzling and dripping.

Bounding Material -Some can be silky soft others rougher like silk scarfs and steel handcuffs

Ways To Engage:

Incorporate Food Play -Have subbie guess what you are feeding him/her by just brushing their lips and giving a small taste. Sweet, Tart, & Savory Treats goodies like tart grapes, sweet strawberries, whipped cream, salted caramel etc. work well

-Temporarily block one sense as a way to accentuate another and interchange which senses to focus on. This provides endless options of possibilities. Just like cock teasing and denial/delay makes the ensuing orgasm (when allowed) that much more intense.

The submissive is  giving over power rather than having it taken away so it’s of the utmost importance to communicate what the submissive is comfortable with and to respect and trust that these limits are respected.

Deprived and Depraved

More extreme forms would include: Sensory deprivation Tanks wherein someone is floating in a domed chamber of tepid water that is akin to their own body temp. These are also used for meditative purposes and stress-release for those overloaded with an abundance of bombarding external stimulation or just in need of a little R&R. Many spas offer this experience which could be utilized pre-session in a BDSM Scene as a way for the submissive to first reconnect with their own bodies before playing with their fem-dome.

Bondage Suits are also an interesting option wherein one part of the body cannot feel another part as the sub is clad head to toe in material obstructing the sense of touch to feel anything penetrating the suit with the exception of a mouth opening and or eyeholes or in some cases just breathable fabric that covers all over. There are many different variations you can find online and it really depends on what works best for the experience you are your playmate are looking for and personal comfort-levels.

There are infinite combinations of sense dabbling and depriving that can lead to all sorts of fun bonding and bounding.

fiona black rose