Hacky Sack


Life Hacks: Ways to improve and simplify your life with little short cuts, easy ideas and creative outside-the-box approaches

Sack Hacks: preparatory hacks for having more fun in the sack 😉


Body Worship

Yes breasts, backsides, feet, & the clit all get lots of play, and with good reason as they are all delish destinations for kinky fun. However, build it up gradually by focusing on some of the more underrate regions of a woman’s sacred terrain. One doesn’t have to be like a heat seeking missile and go right for the hot zones first. So why not change it up a bit and honor her all over to make the thrill last longer and feel more blissfully buzz-worthy?


Try This:

*Gently brush your Goddess’ hair by running your fingers through her mane or by using her fave brush of choice. Start from the bottom and work your way up her silky strands and end with a scalp massage. That’s another way to give great head 😉

*Draw a Bath and use a loofa or warm cloth to bathe her, massaging, caressing and kissing as you go. Use her fave bath salts, exfoliate and or shower gel . Let her enjoy a soak in the healing waters with soft background music playing.

*Then, have a glass of wine, or whatever her fave beverage of choice is, and a warm fresh towel at the ready for her. For the ultimate spa experience give her a warm coconut oil rubdown–complete with a happy ending of her choosing.

Sync Your Breathing

*Listen to the rhythm of each other’s breathing and draw in a deep breath through your nose and inhale all the way down to your diaphragm and stomach. Hold it for a moment and then release together through pursed lips (like your whistling) as you exhale out. You don’t have to match up perfectly. Just take a moment to take in each other and center yourselves. Then you’re ready to take her breathe away with more body servitude for your luscious Goddess . And remember her pleasure is your pleasure. 😉