Phone Sex

The blanketed moss of the forest floor is like velvet to the touch and I throw off my shoes with a mere flick of my ankles. I want to feel the cool kiss of their silky greenery on the bare bottoms of my feet and toes. Haphazardly I roam through the trees combing the tops with my entwining fingers. They are like little stalks of broccoli sprouting up in commingling canopies.


Like the goddess Cailleach I can wreak havoc and chaotic confusion wherever I chose to wield it. My moods dictate the weather and my pulse the pirouette of the sea. The forecast is my prerogative -Boundless and free. -Liberated by lack of boundaries.


As I stripped off the constrictive layers of my past life, like a snake shedding old skin, I emerged from my chrysalis of clothes like an ancient Eve in my garden of earthy delights.


My hair swung and swayed like the cascading curls of a chestnut colored waterfall.

From now on, my past life and existence would be but a distant memory there was no going back to the other side for me. I went from being a pauper to a princess, emerging from that mundane existence into this new being of commanding strength and agility.


From my newfound size, everything now so small looked distant and hazy, like a beautiful swirling, Monet painting.


The stars are now my jewels, my body a part of the landscape itself. I was like Mother Earth personalized as a living, breathing woman.  Nature was my template; a canvas that was malleable to my touch. An artist of the elements. My footfalls were music, my body was an instrument of erosion, forceful and unstoppable. The waves dance to the beat of my tide and time now. The whole world is my personal playground.


I was a super-sized gyrating giantess of astronomical proportions. The now hostile swarms of humanity and their pathetically puny protests will give me cause to go from tiptoeing to tumult. My pulse in now the beat they must bow and abide by. No longer belittled and  trivialized, I gazed upon my prospective conquest, a divine earth shaker, shattering shards of feminine feline fury & pawing at all that displeased me. I will be capricious, fickle and every-changing, impervious to attack and bigger than mortality or morality.


The mountains became my comfort; the sea waves my lover’s caress. I could cause a cacophony of crashes from the riveting waves. My breasts  were tickled by the hand of soft sand and the wind a whisper that twirled down my spine. I could pivot my hips into rapture and ravish the horizon with sheer orgasmic delight; Crushing and pulverizing canyons with my hips; The delicious friction of frenzied pumps of my pounding legs could bend the world to my will. My release would herald a new age. Reborn into a new woman whose ecstasy was hinged on the planet’s environs. I could straddle and mount the earth itself. Riding, conquering and consuming with infinite energy.

 GIANTESS and little Men are such a great combination! There are many reasons why I enjoy being a GIANTESS in sexy role plays. The feeling of being an absolute divine Goddess is at the top of the list. What Mistress doesn’t like a dose of proper body worshipping now and then?