Please welcome Briana! I am pleased to share these Q/A’s from one of our interview sessions.

Thank you for the fab answers xoxoxo!

What would be your getting fem and glammed up soundtrack?
OMG, um… I won’t go heavy on any one  artist, just give my fave on each
britney – leather and lace
Xtina – Let’s Get Glam
Madonna – Dress You up
Gwen Stefani – Bubble Pop Electric
Grease 2 Soundtrack – Cool Rider
Katy Perry – Dress you Up
Taylor Swift – 22
Marina and the Diamonds – Prima Donna Girl
Spice Girls – Give Me What I Want
Ke$ha – Tik Tok
Millionaires – Party Like A Millionaire
Lady Gaga – Fashion
Haha and Since it’s my fantasy and I’d be getting all Femme to go out and hook up, I’d end with
Ke$ha – Boots and Boys
Lady Gaga – Boys Boys Boys
Millionaires – Dat Boi
Britney – Boys
How do you distress and pamper yourself after a long day?
Um, so like I tend to look at sissy/hypno porn/forums or read long challenging novels from the likes of David Foster Wallace or Pop technical/Psych books. Or watch sports – yah, not in sissy mode, but still – regular TV just doesn’t capture my attention, even if the stereotype is for sissy’s to like watch the Kardashians or V.S. fashion show. Although I do like browsing the catalog of course!!! browsing clothes online is another big sissy fave of mine.
Also, not exactly pampering, but to destress I do like a nice drink – vodka, rum, or beer, or wine. No illegals for this gurlie, but I occasionally get some off the shelf poppers from the local gay book store – they really help with the hypnos!
Fave fashion icons?
Oh Gawd, I’m so uneducated to answer such a Q. I mean, like Gwen Stefani captures my like borderline tomboy persona a bit. I mean, In my head straddle the like Riot Grrl/Slut line, the Punk/Stripper line. I don’t know which celebs quite make that. Although I do like Katy Perry’s fashion choices too!
If you could steal any starlet’s wardrobe whose would it be and why?
Oh my God I guess I have to go with Gwen again. I mean, I know its not like uber prissy, but I need black in my wardrobe. And ripped jeans. not to mention hosiery with the occasional run in them are also super sexy! But at the same time? Love Pink, the color, not necessarily P!nk the singer, but she’s awesome too! see, that’s part of what i love about being a girl, the contrasts and complexities…
Any advice you’d like to share to other en femme friends?
Don’t be afraid to evolve. Sudden, Drastic changes? hey, I’m not one to tell you not to be afraid of them, since I’m a wuss with many such changes. Make little changes, make changes noone will notice, or at least not likely too, that help you feel girly. It helps. Also, just your concept of what your sissy side is. I mean, you may start out being like, omg I would LOVE to be a sissy maid, or like a bimbo (GUILTY as charged, here (on the bimbo side, not the maid side, although for the right Mistress I could see myself being persuaded to don a french maid outfit and serve her “guests”, but I digress LOL)) but then over time realize that you don’t like all that entails and need different dimensions and categorizations to your sissy side.
Also, wearing a remote control vibe in your panties next to your clit can be life changing!! feel free to buzz yourself whenever you need to be rewarded for proper sissy thoughts and actions!
Fave beauty products?
Umm, I guess my fave is my waist cincher. I can’t get away with makeup daily, but when I slip on my waist cincher and make it as tight as I can go, it helps my posture ALL day long, and makes me feel like I have, or am working towards, that hourglass figure I SO admire. Also thinking of getting a gaff/buttlifter, but we’ll see. For now I keep my clitty tucked with tight panty hose mostly!
Final Hint- 
AMAZON LOCKER, if they offer it in your town/city, is a GREAT way to get stuff shipped if you need to be discreet, like if you like with an SO or kids, who may be all to eager to open that package from UPS hoping its something for them, only to find your special order of M.A.C. lipstick, anal beads, and nipple suckers LOL
Wonderful!!! Thanks again darling.  I love reading all the answers from my pets, friends, and sissies.