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Hello everyone! I hope you all had happy holidays and I wish you more fun to cum in this new year! I have many surprises coming your way and this week I have several fun posts I’m working on. We do have a winner and I will shortly announces who the champion of the Cock Countdown is so stay tuned for that as well as several fabulous interviews with new glam-slamming pets and audios galore.


And now for a very special guest post by a great blogger and story weaver that I ‘m sure many of you know from Enchantrix Empire:

🙂 Please Give It Up For BFLA 🙂



Hello there everyone.  I am honored and humbled Fiona asked me to write a guest post for her blog.  I chose to write a fantasy story about cuckolding.  Cuckolding is a kink that fascinates me, because there are so many ways men and women practice and enjoy it.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this fantasy story was inspired by one of Fiona’s pictures on her blog.  Enjoy everyone!


Fiona was the most amazing woman I had ever met.  I quickly fell in love with her after meeting her, and moved in not long after that.  We had everything together – emotionally, physically, you name it.  And then one day we didn’t.  One day Fiona sat me down and explained that, although she loved me and we would always be one, that physically, I could make her happiest by being her cuckold.  That, if I wanted, I could stay and together help her find true physical pleasure with other men.  And so I did.  This is the story of one such day.

I came home to find her sitting on the kitchen counter in a sexy black off-the-shoulder top and black mini skirt.  Her legs were curled under her so the mini rode high up her perfectly shaped thighs, to just below the crack of her amazing round ass.  She was wearing leopard heels that accentuated her sexiness.  She had just the hint of a smile on her face, and that combined with her raven hair and deep, mysterious eyes were sexy, welcoming, and foreboding, all at the same time.
I knew what this look meant.  And she knew I knew it.  I was already struggling to contain my throbbing, hardening dick inside my jeans and black panties when she told me to come over in front of her.  She grabbed my crotch and began groping me as she had so lustily all those times in the past when it was just the two of us.
Dick muscle memory took over as she unzipped my jeans, letting them drop to the floor, and ran her supple fingers softly over my silky black panties and swelling balls.  I stiffened, twitched, and ached with desire as she pulled her legs back further, exposing her ass and letting me see that she wasn’t wearing any panties.
“Oh Fiona, I want you so badly,” I moaned.  She just giggled. “Someone’s coming over, isn’t he?” I asked, knowing full well the answer.  “He’s already here,” she purred.  “Look.”
I turned around and, indeed, one of her young, sexy, studs that we had both pre-cleared was standing behind me, looking muscular in a tight t-shirt and jeans of his own.  He was licking his lips in anticipation and already making a tent in his jeans as he watched her grope me.
“You know what to do,” she said, her voice taking on a harder, more dominant tone.  I knew what this meant.  I had heard it so many times before.  The stud was going to have her in the way I used to, but could not any more. I was going to be her cuckold plaything, pleasing her in that way only I could.
Our eyes met briefly before I turned to the other man.  I could see the excitement, lust, and appreciation in hers.  She could see the longing and excitement in mine.  “Don’t worry pet,” she cooed.  “You know if you do a good job I’ll let you make your cummies, just like always.”
I was used to Fiona saying “make your cummies,” to make sure I knew my place and role each time a stud came over. They shot big loads, but I made cummies. For some reason it stung just a little bit more today.  Still, I knew I had no choice.  I pulled off the man’s t-shirt and unzipped and unbuckled his jeans, letting them drop to the floor.  I pulled down his underwear, and put everything on the chair.  His large cock was already hardening.  Wordlessly I turned to Fiona, watching her pour the lube on my hands, hearing her say it was so they could be soft like a pussy to prepare him for HER soaking wet, hot pussy.

I stood close to both of them, taking the man’s cock in my right hand and stroking it steadily up and down while using the palm of my left hand to lightly rub his big balls.  He grunted as his dick swelled in my hand.  My own good-sized cock stood stiff out of my panties.  Fiona’s breath grew quicker and shorter and more excited.  “That’s right pet,” she panted. “Make him good and hard for me.”


She suddenly switched positions, sitting square on the counter to face me and spread her legs.  She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down to her clit.  The heat emanating from her almost burned my face.  For the next few minutes she held me there, and I licked and nibbled her clit up and down, side to side, stroking her stud’s cock, as she moaned louder and louder – at her stud, telling him she wanted his big, thick meat.  When I knew from habit she was almost there, I plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her boiling hole and felt her buck and spasm over and over, accompanied by guttural cries.


When she had finished her eruption, she stood me up and took my hand off his pole.  She had completely drenched my face, which was dripping with cunt juice.  “What do you have to say?” she toned with emphasis, knowing I already knew but wanting to be sure I said it properly.  “Thank you, my princess Fiona, for feeding me your precious sweet juices,” I responded.  “Thank you for letting me prepare you both for a hot fuck.  Would you like him to enter you now?”


She knew how envious I was each time I had to echo those words.  She knew how much I wanted her.  “Yes, pet,” she replied.  “Put his cock in his pleasure hole now.”  She moved back into her legs-curled position, raising herself slightly so I could guide the big dick right to the edge of her peeking-out pussy.  Then I moved away and watched him penetrate her opening.  She opened right up to him.  He began pumping hard.  The sounds of his dick squishing in and out of her sopping wet pussy filled the kitchen.  He was fucking her so hard he practically raised her off the counter with every thrust.  “That’s right,” Fiona practically screamed, looking right at me.  “Fuck me.  Fuck me hard.  Make me your cock whore!”


I stood spellbound, watching, as they pleased each other.  Then Fiona panted out for me to pull down my panties and put my dick on the counter next to her.  When I did, she put her soft hand, still covered in her own pussy juice, on top, making an opening.  Then she told me to fuck my “pussy,” to pump in and out of the cunt created by the counter and her hand.  To accentuate what I couldn’t have, she told me to imitate the REAL fucking going on right next to me.


And so I had to thrust in and out of my fake cunt, looking at Fiona, telling her how wonderful it felt, while she told me in nasty, dirty, guttural language what her man was doing to her.  I couldn’t help myself, the excitement, the embarrassment, her pleasure, all caused me to edge.  I grunted and groaned as she giggled at my over-excitement and told me to hold it in my cock and balls, that I had better not make a mess, that the only cock that was cuming was in her tight wet cunt.  I told her I was pushing my cummies back down, which caused her to explode in another shattering orgasm.

I didn’t think the excitement and embarrassment at watching her take pleasure in all this could intensify, but I was wrong.  Fiona slipped the massive dick out of her.  Then, still on the counter, she got on her hands and knees, her pussy and ass at the edge of the counter completely open and exposed to her lover.

She put her face down on the counter right in front of me, smiling, showing me what she was willing to do for OTHER men, but never for me.  She told me to put my face down on the counter right next to her.  Then she made me listen to her beg her stud to take her, fuck her, deep and hard.  Right in front of me.  Knowing what it would do to me to see, feel, and hear her open up this way to another man.


For the next few minutes, I laid there face to face with Fiona as her bull cock fucked her deeper, harder, and faster.  I had to watch her eyes and face contort in pleasure, hear her sexy voice crying out in desire and passion, even feel her face bump into mine as his cock moved her across the counter.  She teased me over and over about how good it would feel if I could do that.  She giggled as I inadvertently started humping the side of the counter in excitement.

I pleaded, cajoled, begged to let me have a turn, to let me fuck her, but she sweetly and excitedly said no, I knew I could never have it.  She made me beg over and over to “make my cummies” so her stud would hear me ask to cum in that way.   She kept telling me no, it wasn’t time, then finally said “No!” sharply, and told me to go help her man “shoot his big LOAD.”


I stood up, walked behind her, and began rubbing the man’s balls.  I asked him if it felt good, and, along with Fiona, to cum hard and shoot his huge load of jizz in my Fiona’s pussy.  He started screaming he was going to shoot, and as I felt the gobs and gobs of cum begin to rise up out of him, Fiona one more time screamed and bucked in a final huge orgasm.


Fiona collapsed on the counter and told her lover it was time to leave.  They always left. Although they took so much of her, the physical part I so desperately craved, they never got to share the rest of her amazing persona as I did.  So her stud left, and Fiona slowly raised herself up to a sitting position.  She stared deeply into my eyes.  “Is there something you want, love?” she cooed.  “Yes, please, please, please Fiona, let me make my cummies.  Please, any way you want, let me make my cummies.  I’m so crazed!  Please please!”

It was a ritual we went through every time.  One that drove me wild and made her happy.  Today, she reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out a rubber.  She told me to put it on, that if I was going to stroke and cum in her presence, it could only be in a condom.  Unlike her bareback lovers.

I readily complied, and she told me to stroke.  Hard.  As I pumped and pumped my engorged cock, she spread her legs so I could see the cum dripping out of her pussy.  She told me in the most graphic terms what it felt like to have her stud’s cum inside her, and what a huge hot load he had made for her.  She could see me struggling and straining to not cum until she gave the ok, and I began to beg, telling her I couldn’t hold it any more.  “Oh, tell me how much you want to make your cummies,” she ordered.  I did, and after I begged for what seemed like forever, she told me to go ahead and release – every drop of my cummies, EVERY DROP, in my stroking rubber.  And I did.  I exploded in gob after gob of hot jizz, unable to hide my excitement at what happened.


When it was all done, Fiona took off the filled rubber, held it over my mouth, and let it all drip down into my throat.  When I was done lapping it up, she hugged and kissed and held me and told me how deliriously happy I made her.  As none of her studs ever would or could.

The End

Thank you darling for sharing your kinky creativity with us & I’m so pleased you did!  xoxo