The Exciting Conclusion to The Feminization Machine

By the Marvelous Miss. Matty Sue

-Thanks again for sharing darling xoxo

Part 1 can be found here:

Part 2

When the lights return, you notice two new machines in front of you.
One being a manicure machine, while the other is a strange device.  It
is a large metal box with two lights, one red and one green, and both
unlit.  It also has a large phallic shaped object sticking out at just
the right level for you to grab with your hand.
“Welcome to Phase Two of your journey.  To begin your manicure, you
must stroke the penis until the green light is lit.  If you go too
fast or slow down too much the red light will turn on and you will be
punished.  I am confident you will find a good stroking pattern that
will serve you well in your new life.”

First Session

During your first session, you maintain a steady balance of stroking
while your other hand is massaged, moisturized, and your nails are
shaped and cut.  However, when the time for the red polish arrives,
and subsequently the small penis object returns its vibrations to your
butt, you are startled and stop stroking the shaft.  As the light
turns red, the head of the shaft opens up and your face is sprayed
with a substance designed to simulate sperm.


Humiliated, you try to wipe your face, but are sprayed again when you
do not continue stroking.  Frustrated, you begin to stroke vigorously,
and are treated to a third blast, covering your face in synthetic
semen.  Once you settle down into a pattern, you are rewarded by your
nails being finished, as well as your face being cleaned.
“Phase Three will begin shortly, please place the garments presented
to you on your body and await further instruction.”  The woman’s voice
carries an authority that compels you to comply.  You are presented
with a pair of black panties, a black bra, black stockings, and black
heels.  Unsure of what to do, the mechanical arms assist you and dress
you in your new underwear before disappearing again.  Surprised by the
comfort of your new attire, you sit back down in the chair and await
your next instructions.

Part 3

You are enjoying your new underwear when suddenly the penis object,
larger now, is inserted into your butt and the chair is removed from
beneath you.  Struggling not to fall down in your new high heels, you
focus on the voice that has returned to instruct you.  “Welcome to
Phase Three.  I do hope you have been enjoying your time with us.
Your next task is simple, simply keep the penis butt plug from
vibrating and you can continue to Phase Four.  Good luck darling.”
As if on cue, the plug begins to vibrate inside you.  You feel
helpless as waves of pleasure wash over you, but you remember your
goal is to stop the vibrations.  You begin to walk and the vibrations
slow down, confidently you try to continue but stumble.   Not used to
high heels you fall over and the plug begins to increase vibrations
rapidly.  Not used to this stimulation, you begin to get aroused
beyond belief, and start realizing how close you are to realease.  “Do
not cum darling, you will ruin your training.  And you will be


Stirred by her voice, you stand up and begin to walk again, but not
like a man.  You realize you will have to walk more feminine to stay
up on your heels.  You begin to strut your stuff across the floor,
much like you have seen models do on the runway.  Imagining yourself
as a Princess of Poise and a Goddess of Glamour, you sway your hips
and pout your lips as you strike a pose before twirling and walking
back across your imaginary catwalk.
Eventually you get a good strut back and forth and you are treated to
a rest.  “Well done darling, you have begun to learn the feminine ways
quickly.  I can tell the next Phase will go smoothly for you.  Are you
ready to continue on your journey?”

Part 4

After you answer yes, a female robot walks into the room seemingly
from nowhere.  Beautiful, but obviously a machine, you resist the urge
to ask her where she got her hair and makeup done.  You are shocked at
the thought, this program must be working better than they thought on
you.  She calls up a chair for you and for her, and then covers you
with a large cloth.  “This is Makeover Mary, she will be providing you
with a full makeover.  Please comply with all of her methods.”
A table rises from the floor with every feminine thing you can
imagine.  Makeover Mary looks into your eyes and asks whether you want
makeup, jewelry, or hair first.  In order to keep yourself from
admiring her lifelike lips and eyelashes, and admitting you are
jealous, you turn your head to the table as quickly as you can.  Your
eyes rest on the jewelry first and Mary begins to work faster than you
can see.

Ear Buds

First she places two small ear buds inside your ears, and then begins
to organize the jewelry.  You are startled to hear a soft female voice
in your head.  “Girls are pretty, girls are delicate, don’t you want
to be a girl?”  As she sterilizes your ears and prepares two needles,
you are treated to a chanting chorus of feminine phrases.  “You are a
girl, you are a girl, you are a gorgeous and glamorous girl.”  One ear
is pierced and you continue to hear the voice.  “Welcome to being a
woman, welcome to being a woman, welcome to the wonderful world of
women.” The other ear is pierced, and Mary places a necklace around
your neck.  “Ladies look lovely, ladies look lovely, you are a lovely
lady.” The voice sings in your ears.


Mary raises her hands and applies primer to your face to smooth and
even your pores in order to make your makeup go on easier.  As
foundation is applied to your face, Mary smiles at you.  “The
foundation of your beauty, this will hide your flaws and even your
skin tone.”  A pale powder is applied to set your foundation, and your
face begins to appear more feminine.  Mary begins to add blush to your
cheeks, and again you are treated to the voice. “A blushing bride or
an embarrassed schoolgirl, rouge helps bring out the color of your


Eyeliner is brought up next, and your eyes are outlined in black.
“Men like to see large and elongated eyes looking up at them.  A
woman’s eyes must be enticing and seductive.”   Mary uses mascara, as
black as night, to draw attention to your eyelashes.  “Darker, Longer,
Thicker, your lashes will be the envy of every girl you meet.”  A
small brush with deep blue eye shadow is applied below your eyebrows
onto your eyelids.  “Blue like the ocean, deep like the sea, your eyes
are now beautiful, even to me.”


With only your lips left, Makeover Mary brings up a tube of lipstick,
lip gloss, large dildo.  “Smile big and open wide so I can place your
prize inside.  A painted smile is what you need, if in pleasing men
you wish to succeed.  Your mouth will fill with a penis so large, that
you will know exactly who is in charge.  As your lips are colored red,
you will gag and suck the head.  A lady always swallows too, now that
you are lady so must you.”  Your mouth is held open as the dildo is
shoved in, perfectly parting your lips so that Mary can paint them
bright red.  As she finishes your lips, the dildo erupts and your
mouth is flooded with sperm, which you have no choice but to swallow
like a good girl.

With your makeover done, Mary takes the cloth and leaves.  You are
raised up and a long haired wig is placed on your head.  “Flowing
locks to impress the boys, brushing your hair will bring you many
joys.”  You are fitted with petticoats and a corset before a long
ballgown style dress is placed upon your feminine frame.  “Pretty
pretty princess, pretty pretty princess, you are a pretty princess.”



lady in red