The Feminization Machine

By The Amazing & Talented Missy Matty Sue

Femme Machine


Femme Machine Part 1

Walking into the room was more arousing than you expected.  Being
almost naked in a cold room was exciting beyond belief, especially
when your fate was uncertain.  The ad had said “Test subject needed.
Substantial rewards, complete with life changing experience.”
When the lights turned on, the sudden brightness momentarily blinds
you.  Once your vision returns, you notice a chair in the center of
the room with a small foot bath in front of it.  A smooth feminine
voice cuts through the silence, “Sit down, and begin your first phase
of feminization.”


Not being what you expected, you hesitate.  What kind of test subject
had you signed up to be?  Feminization?  What would they do to you?
Afraid to find out, you start to turn but the floor becomes
uncomfortably hot, so you run to the chair because you feel compelled. First, you begin to sit down and
stop suddenly.  There is something attached to the chair where your
butt is placed.  You decide you must sit because the floor is not an
option and you did after all sign up for this.

Finally just as you start to relax down onto the chair, you feel the penis shaped object
insert itself into your butt.  Shocked, you find it quite pleasurable,
and you place your feet into the bowl at the bottom of the chair.  As
your feet soak in the water, you feel small mechanical hands begin to
scrub your feet clean.  Your feet are treated to an exquisite massage
while they are cleaned.  As the water is drained, your toes are spread
and parted with small balls of cotton.  More small mechanical hands
emerge and begin to work.


Your nails are clipped and trimmed to be more curved and pretty, They
are then shaped to be more like a woman, and a smooth, cold
moisturizing lotion is applied to your feet.  You see the little hands
grab small bottles of red liquid and applicators.  Each hand dips into
the red liquid and your toenails are readied to be painted bright red,
one by one.  With each stroke, a light vibration is emitted from the
penis object inside your butt, sending waves of pleasure through your
body.  The vibrations get increasingly stronger, but never rise past a
pleasurable level.  By the end of the last toe, you are almost sad
that the pampering is over. You want to experience it again and again.


“Congratulations.  You have finally begun your journey into the World of
Womanhood.  Prepare for phase two.”  As you hear the woman’s voice
again, the bowl and mechanical hands disappear and are replaced by a
stool for your feet to dry.  Then, the object in your butt recedes into the
chair and the lights are turned off again.  As you sit in the dark,
you anxiously await the next phase of your transformation. You then
realize that you are not quite as apprehensive as before because a
small wave of excitement has begun to overtake your fear of becoming a
woman.Despite your initial fear, you feel amazing. After all, you look sexy as hell!

-Miss Matty Sue