Guest Blog

~*Thank you mystery guest writer for the creative story! XOXXO -Fiona*~

Mistress gives me an assignment where I must wear a pink frilly blouse and pair of 3 inch heels, with regular male clothing pants,jacket ect. With a sealed note from mistress with the following instructions for the pretty sales girl

Dear sales associate,

The young man who handed you this note should be wearing a nice pair of heels and a cute pink frilly blouse. Could you please help him choose a bottom that would go well with the cute blouse  the more girly the better lol. After you have chosen an article of clothing for him please have him try it on to make sure it fits and matches nicely.   After if you think he looks cute I will leave the decision to you if you would like him to wear his new clothes home or if you would allow him to wear his pants home.

So the young man drives to the trendy young. Women’s clothing store in his pink blouse and heels. Nervously he walks in with a hoodie over his blouse to protect his dignity he sees a young sales girl maybe 21 or 22 years of age young blonde. Be nervously hands her the note in a sealed envelope. Puzzled she takes the envelope and reads the contents of the letter and let’s out a small giggle. She then looks down and sees that he is in fact wearing heels then she asks the young man to unzip his hooded sweat shirt to reveal the pink frilly blouse.  She puts her hand. Over her mouth and Giggles for a second, she then regains her composure and explains to the young man what the letter said. Then she tells the young man “let’s see what we can find for you”. So the two are browsing racks of women’s pants shorts and skirts,  after a little while she ways ohh look at this pretty little number      She is holding up a black satin flared mini skirt with 3 layer attached petticoat   The young man just looking at it starts blushing.  The sales girl giggling says yes sir I think you should try this little number on lol.

So the sales girl takes the young man all the way through the store with all the other customers smirking a little bit as he takes the the poofy skirt and walks into the dressing room. He nervously starts to undress, he takes is pants and hoodie off and slips the pretty short flared mini skirt up over his hips. Just standing there looking all make in heels pink frilly blouse and a black poofy mini skirt.  Soon there is a Knock on the door. It’s the sales girl saying I waiting for you come on out and let’s see how you look lol. So scared and embarrassed  the young man steps out the young sales girl starts to giggle and says OMG you look so cute come out here so everyone can see you.   With about 12 other women in the store curious about the commotion up front they make their way up there to see the poor young man dressed as girly as ever in his blouse and pretty poofy skirt. Embarrassed as can be all he can do is stand there cause he is under mistresses orders.

So then the pretty sales girl drops the numb she’ll letting all the other women customers know it’s her decision is he gets to wear his jeans out of the store and home or this pretty new skirt she took the time to help him pick out. She decided to put it to a vote of the 12 customers who were present.  By a raise of hands who votes for the jeans 6 hands go up. Who votes for the skirt 6 hands go up. Uh oh looks like the sales girl will have to make the deciding vote. She looks over smiling at the poor young man red faced as ever standing there in his ridiculous outfit. Says to him smiling with a huge grin on her face looks like you my friend will be wearing your new pretty ensemble home lol.

A few of the lady customers laugh at the young mans predictment some felt sorry for him, but only a few. The pretty young sales girl comes back a minute later with his pants and hoodie in a cute baby blue shopping bag telling the young man you won’t be needing these pointing to the pants and hoodie in the bag.  The young sales girl walking over to the young man takes the sales tag off the pretty new skirt saying once an item is worn all sales final and rings him up. The poor young man takes his wallet out of the bag which contained his jeans and paid the young lady. She kindly gives him his change and receipt and says come again lol love the skirt.

Humiliated as ever the young man starts to the door in his humiliating attire right when he hits the door the worse thing happens. As he is walking out 3 teenage cheerleaders dressed in their cheer uniforms are walking up to the clear glass door.  They stop start laughing historically. The young man with no where to go tries to go around them they won’t have any of the one of the girl reaches for her cell phone and snaps a few pics of the poor young man and says straight to Facebook    “The young man says my life is over”.


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