I’m happy to announce another guest post! JJ is a very talented writer that creates tales of erotica that  I am planning to post in the audio store shortly.  Please enjoy this deliciously juicy post:

Pegging Blog Entry

Hello everyone. I want to thank Mistress Fiona for asking me about writing a guest entry for her blog

page. I was truly honored and thrilled to be asked by her. Mistress Fiona and I have been collaborating

on several audio recording story ideas, and it has been truly a pleasure working with her on these

interesting and juicy themes and stories.

One of the ideas which I had found extremely interesting was actually inspired by one of Mistress

Fiona’s blog entries, an entry where she discussed the topic of Pegging. I find this topic particularly

interesting not only for the power exchange, as compared to traditional ‘vanilla’ sexual fantasies. But I

also find the role reversal aspects of this sex position intriguing as well, with the Domme woman taking

on the traditionally male role of the sexual penetrator, and the submissive male taking the female sexual

role being penetrated with the strap-on.

The story below is dedicated to Mistress Fiona and her creative inspiration. Enjoy everyone.



My name is Tim. I attend college in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where it is always sunny and beautiful

with my smoking hot girlfriend Fiona. The campus is near the beach. I am in a fraternity, and as would

be expected for such a sweet girl like my blue-eyed brunette beauty of a girlfriend Fiona, she is in a

sorority. Her sorority house has the prime location on campus and she and all the girls can see the

water right out the windows of the house. This year she is a senior, and that got her a prime pick of one

of the premiere rooms, where she can see the water from her bed.

My Mistress Fiona taught me my place in her life sexually, and it is most definitely not in her bed as one

of her bull lovers. I have a little tiny toy for a dick, and my Mistress teases and mocks me for it on a

regular basis. My job sexually is to lap up the cream pies that ooze out of my Mistress, after one of her

real men, with a real cock, has fucked her senseless, like I cannot do for her, and like she deserves to be

taken. My Mistress Fiona tells me all about these other lovers, in all the graphic, sordid details, while I

lap up the bull lovers’ cum and her pussy nectar out of my Mistress’ tight, drenched tunnel.

Late on this particular Friday night, my Mistress Fiona visited my frat house after her date for the

evening had ended. The moment she walked in, I could still see the glow on her gorgeous face with that

post sexual bliss. I knew that my Mistress had been out on a date with her favorite Professor, and that

the two of them were frequently sex partners. The first thing that my Mistress did was tell me all about

the sordid, graphic details of how her Professor had fucked her and filled her up with his huge cock and

then shot his full load of jizz into her pussy, and then he took her anally and then deposited another cum

load into her butt.

Mistress Fiona then pushed me down on the bed and sat on me in the Queening position. She

proceeded to grind her crotch on my face as she told me to eat her out. I did just as I was ordered.

With my ‘short comings’ with my cock, I knew that I needed to please my Mistress sexually in other

ways, and I learned to be very good with my tongue and I knew just where and how Mistress Fiona

liked it best to be licked and probed with my tongue while I lapped up all of those sexual juices that

flowed out of her steamy insides. I worked my tongue all around as I eagerly cleaned up my Mistress’

pussy nectar as it combined with her lovers’ baby batter, and the mixed juices swirled around inside her


Once I finished that cleanup job, Mistress Fiona turned around and she sat with her butt on me and told

me to clean out the other cream pie. She proceeded to tell me that her Professor and lover had taken

her anally, and that her ass needed to be cleaned too. Like a good boy, I licked and cleaned up that

cream pie for my Mistress as well, as the jizz squirted out of her tightly puckered ass hole.

Mistress Fiona told me all about the fantastic experience she shared with the her Professor as they did

anal sex. Then she told me that she wanted to share that experience with me too. I nearly creamed

myself in my pants right there, but I knew that my Mistress would be displeased with me if I shot my

load like that, so I held it back and contained myself. Just as I was about to ask my Mistress if that

meant that she was going to actually let me fuck her, she giggled and told me that with my tiny little clit

of a dick, that she thought that I would best play the role of the girl in this sexual experience. She then

informed me that she would take the man’s role with her nice long and thick ten inch strap-on dick and

fuck me in my ‘pussy,’ otherwise known as my ass. I want to please my Mistress and make her happy

in everything that I do, but I just wasn’t sure how I felt about getting my ass fucked. She promised that

it would be fine and that she would be gentle and take it slow and easy for me. But, mainly because it

pleased my Mistress Fiona, I very willingly agree to get my ass fucked by her.

My Mistress stepped into the bathroom to get herself ready. At the same time, I positioned myself on

the bed in the submissive face down and ass up position that is very commonly used for doggie style sex

and for anal. I lubed up my ass to get ready for my Mistress’ strap-on. Back in the bathroom, Mistress

Fiona stripped out of her cute dress and put on her long and thick ten inch strap-on from her purse. She

removed her bra and panties and slid her strap-on in place. She told me that it felt wonderful as the

device had a spot to rub and excite her overheated clit and penetrate slightly into the folds inside her

damp pussy lips, and right into my Mistress’ tight tunnel.

Mistress Fiona was a vision as she strutted her way out of the bathroom wearing just her five inch black

stiletto pump heels and the large strap-on dick and nothing else. She ordered me to get on my knees

and face her. Obediently, I knelt down in front of my Mistress in the classic blowjob position. I looked

at Mistress Fiona nervously, but I knew just what she wanted me to do without any need to hear the

words. I hesitated a bit, so Mistress Fiona scolded me and ordered me to suck her ‘cock.’

Expert cock sucker that my Mistress is, she could clearly see that I wasn’t giving it my best effort.

Without raising her voice, Mistress Fiona told me that however wet and prepared I made her ‘cock’ that

was exactly how it was going into my ass, and that if I didn’t want to make the ‘cock’ nicely lubricated, it

would be my problem, and not hers. After that comment, and the not so veiled threat that it contained,

I became much more cooperative and energetic with my cock sucking skills. A short time later I got

Mistress Fiona’s strap-on dildo very wet and prepared and nicely lubricated.

My Mistress next ordered me back into my face down and ass up position on the bed. Mistress Fiona

came up behind my ass, and she told me to relax and that it would go in a lot more comfortably.

Mistress Fiona waited a few moments and then she thrust that massive dildo into my waiting butt. My

Mistress gasped and she told me that she nearly creamed all over that strap-on as the sensitive parts

rubbed against her clit and even pushed inside her drenched pussy lips. She told me that she couldn’t

help herself as she drove that strap-on further into my ‘pussy’, and the device just furthered her own

pleasure. As the device came to stop as it had gone as far in as it could, I sighed and shifted around

a bit, while I accommodated that intrusive length inside my butt hole. My Mistress pulled the strap- on cock out of my rear, but I could tell that the sensation wasn’t nearly as pleasurable for her as it was

when she pushed in, so she pulled it out fast. Going back in, she went slowly again as my Mistress

savored every push and how it felt against her pussy as she took my ass for her own sexual gratification.

Being the penetrator was a completely different feeling and sensation as compared to person being

penetrated, for both myself and my Mistress it seemed. As Mistress Fiona took me in my ass, we both

quickly realized that we loved both sexual stimulations. And as we had more fun longer into the night,

I actually learned to make it easier to take the ‘cock’ into my ‘pussy’ and I became very adept at taking

the entire length into myself. Though I have to admit that I could tell that it was much more pleasurable

for my Mistress when I wasn’t so good at taking the strap-on inside myself, So, to make her sexual

sensations better, I moved in different ways so it wasn’t so easy for me to accommodate Mistress

Fiona’s strap-on in my tight ass. Immediately I could tell how much more pleasurable it was for her, and

that made me happy. Making my Mistress happy is my true happiness, and I want Mistress Fiona to be

as pleased as I can possibly make her.

As she continued to fuck my ass, Mistress Fiona ordered me to keep my hands where she could see

them at all times. She didn’t want me to try to sneak any pleasure for my tiny dick from this experience.

She made me understand that this anal experience was for her enjoyment and pleasure, not mine. It

took her a bit of time, but Mistress Fiona reached a nice rhythm as she fucked my ‘pussy’ with her ‘cock.’

The feeling was incredible she explained, as the base of that strap-on massaged and rubbed her in all

the right places, especially as the strap-on pressed and rubbed into her overheated clit. A short time

later, her whole body shuddered and she erupted with girl cum, and she had an amazing orgasm, even

as she continued to pump the strap-on in and out of my ‘pussy.’

The sensations had an effect on me too. After my Mistress came down off that incredible orgasm high,

she looked down and spotted a puddle of jizz right under my tiny little dicklette. I honestly hadn’t even

realized that I was so close, and I erupted before I could do anything. Mistress Fiona scolded me that I

should have asked permission from her, before I shot my load. I knew that she was right and I had done

wrong. My Mistress pulled the strap-on out of my ass and she made me kneel down and lick up that

puddle of jizz that I creamed all over the blanket. She carefully watched and made sure that I lapped up

every drop. She checked my mouth that I had swallowed it all, and that not even a drop of jizz was left

in my mouth.

Next, my Mistress told me that she was done doing all the work sexually, and it was time for me to

do some of the action. She said that she wanted me to ride her cock in the cowgirl position. Mistress

Fiona laid her nubile young body over the bed with her strap-on proudly standing erect and tall over

her. She told me to take my position and I straddled over her body. I squatted down and slowly, I

lowered my ass on to that waiting cock. Carefully and slowly I lowered my ass on to the strap-on, but

apparently I hadn’t moved fast enough. Mistress Fiona thrust her hips up and drove her cock up into

my ass as she commanded me to go faster. I did move faster as I bounced my butt up and down on my

Mistress’ strap-on cock. After a few minutes, I got a nice rhythm built up as I bucked and gyrated on her

cock. Mistress Fiona gasped as she threw her head back and fingered herself. After several more times

going up and down and bouncing around on the dick, I heard my Mistress squeal out in pleasure as she

creamed herself with an amazing orgasm.

Mistress Fiona ordered me to clean up her pussy nectar after she creamed so hard. She kept the strap- on in place, while I struggled to work my tongue and lap up her fragrant feminine juices as they flowed

out from between her supple legs.

After I was finished, Mistress Fiona told me that her strap-on dick needed to be cleaned after it had

been in my ass. She made me give her ‘cock’ another blow job. I wasn’t sure about doing the Ass To

Mouth (A2M) but my Mistress wanted it, and I couldn’t deny her, so I happily and eagerly sucked her

strap-on ‘cock’ again. I cleaned that strap-on cock until it was completely washed off and ready. My

Mistress told me that I was a very good boy and that she was done with me for the night, and she

allowed me to rest and drift off to sleep after that amazing sexual experience with her.

The end.

Thank you darling!