Punished by Sierra and Fiona
By Alice Wonder

I was Goddess Sierra’s pet, and proud to be her pet. Let me be
clear, I was not her lover. I liked to dream that maybe someday I
would be, and we did have a lot of fun together, but I was her
feminized pet.

I wasn’t just her pet, I also was her IT guy, keeping her computer
and home network up to date and secure.

One day while I was installing patches on her computer, I saw an
e-mail come in from Fiona, with the subject “My hot new pictures”

I was never allowed to look at Sierra’s e-mail, but Fiona was so
incredibly sexy, I just had a brief moment of weakness and I looked,
and oh my. The adjective Hot did not even begin to do them justice.
So I quickly forwarded the e-mail to myself. I know it was wrong, I
felt really guilty about it, but damn I wanted time to properly
appreciate them.

That night I was in my bedroom looking at the images on my computer,
and I just couldn’t help myself. I was never suppose to masturbate
without both the permission and guidance of Goddess Sierra, that was
an arrangement I loved, but these images of Fiona triggered
something inside of me, bringing out the sexually instinctive part
of me that Sierra had worked so hard to bring under control, and my
old chronic masturbator habits started to resurface.

At first I tried to be quiet so I would not get caught, but I guess
that did not last very long, Goddess Sierra heard what I was doing.
Please do not get the impression that I was being exceptionally
loud, but as her pet, I was to keep no secrets from her, that was
part of the agreement when I begged her to take me and she kindly
agreed. As such, my room did not have an actual door on it. Not
having a door had many advantages, you see when Goddess Sierra
wanted my immediate attention, she would ring a bell. It was easier
for me to hear the bell and avoid punishment if I did not have a
door. It also made it easier for Goddess Sierra to hear me masturbating.

Unknown to me, Sierra came to investigate. I did not hear her, but
she entered my room and saw what I was doing and saw the beautiful
images of Fiona running as a slide show on my screen. She left
without punishing me, without even letting me know she had been there.

The next day was a busy day for me, Goddess Sierra had me cleaning
everything no matter how recently it had been cleaned. I knew that
meant she was having an important guest over. Sure enough, at 7 P.M.
the doorbell rang, and there was Fiona in all her fabulous beauty.

Sierra invited Fiona into the living room, and I took my place
kneeling in the corner. Whenever Goddess Sierra had guests, it was
my place to remain in the room but out of the way, waiting in case I
was needed. This time however after Goddess Sierra and Fiona had
taken their seats, Goddess Sierra snapped her fingers and pointed to
the floor next to her chair. She did not even look at me at when she
did it, she did not need to, I knew exactly what she meant. She
wanted me kneeling next to her.

My heart began to race as I crawled on my hands and knees over to
where I had been instructed to kneel.

Sometimes Goddess Sierra loaned me out to her friends, and when she
did, it was up to her friends what kind of erotic play, if any, I
might be used for. Was Goddess Sierra going to loan me out to Fiona?
I could only hope. And if she did, would Fiona want to play with me?
My heart was racing at the possibility, it was very difficult to
keep my cock from hardening and revealing my desire. An erection
would probably be visible if my short skirt was lifted to show off
the panties Goddess Sierra had me wearing.

I could not keep it completely flaccid but I also could not let it
get hard, and that was extremely difficult.

Goddess Sierra then addressed me “Alice, do you know who this is?”

“Yes,” I responded, “She is Fiona, we met at the CFNM Christmas
party you hosted.”

Goddess Sierra then asked “Alice, is there anything you need to tell

This was awesome. As Goddess Sierra’s pet, I was not to speak to
guests unless spoken to. If I was to be loaned out to Fiona,
flattery might get me the kind of play my heart was throbbing for.
Now I had an opportunity to do just that without speaking out of turn.

I looked up at Fiona and said “Fiona, may I call you Fiona?”

She nodded in approval.

“Fiona, ever since that Christmas party, you have been in my mind.
You are a very beautiful woman, a beauty that deserves to be shared.
I do not know if you have ever done any modeling, but I beg you to
if you haven’t, so that the whole world can see how beautiful you are.”

I laid it on thick, hoping that if Goddess Sierra did loan me out to
her, she would be flattered enough to share her beauty with me, and
I don’t just mean pictures. It seemed to working, I saw a bit of
blush in Fiona’s cheeks.

Then Goddess Sierra spoke “I am so sorry, Fiona, that is not what I
was hoping for.”

Fiona responded “Oh it’s okay, I loved hearing it, he can go on.”

Goddess Sierra responded “I was hoping he would apologize for what
he did last night, but instead he chose to lie. He knows you have
done some modeling…”

She knew? Goddess Sierra knew what I had done? I hung my head in
shame. Did she catch me act? Every time she had caught me
masturbating before, it was met with swift punishment followed a
week in the chastity cage. I thought my indiscretion had gone

Fiona then spoke “Alice, clearly by the way you hung your head in
shame, you know exactly what Sierra is referring to. Explain.”

There was no way out of. Directly asked, I had to answer, and I had
no choice but to tell the complete truth.

“Yesterday, you e-mail a photo set to Goddess Sierra. Without her
permission, or your permission, I forwarded the e-mail to myself.
When my servant duties for the day were finished, I went to my room
and started looking at them.”

Goddess Sierra then said “Alice, the complete truth.”

I continued “I started masturbating while looking at them.”

There was a few minutes of silence, an uncomfortable silence.

Then Fiona spoke “You masturbated to my pictures, my pictures that I
had sent to Sierra, without MY permission?”

I could tell from the tone of her voice that she did not find that
to be acceptable.

“Yes,” I confirmed, “but please let me try to explain. I know it
won’t change that it was wrong, but please let me try to explain.”

Fiona gave me the go ahead.

“What I said about you being in my head was true. You are a very
beautiful woman. When I saw the e-mail, I know it was wrong to look
at my Goddess’s e-mail without permission, but I just wanted to see
you again.”

“When I did see the images, and saw they were gorgeous boudoir
images, I wanted to appreciated them in detail, for your beauty, for
your body as a fine work of art. That was my motive.”

Fiona responded “Yet that’s not what you did. You jerked off to them.”

“Yes,” I confirmed, “When I was looking at them, I really was
admiring the beauty of your form. Like Goddess Sierra, you are an
exceptionally beautiful woman. But there was one image, the way it
was framed made it appear that you did not have any panties on, but
the bottom of the image was just high enough to not reveal. That
drove me crazy with desire, desire to see what was outside the
frame. It fucked with my mind, it made the image erotic, far more
erotic than it would have been had it revealed more. The more I
looked at it, the more turned on I got, and soon every image was
turning me on. I did not intentionally start to stroke, but that one
image made all the others more beautiful, more erotic, and soon I
realized I was stroking. I should have stopped, but I didn’t. Not
until I was at the edge.”

Fiona asked “What happened at the edge?”

I replied “When I was at the edge, I wanted to explode. It was then
that I realized if I did, everything Goddess Sierra had worked on
with me to help me with my chronic masturbation problem, it would
all be undone. I wanted to explode, but I did not want to lose all
the effort Goddess Sierra had put into me. I closed the lid of my
laptop and stopped.”

Goddess Sierra then responded “I can confirm this, he did stop at
the edge.”

Fiona continued “Alice, if you had told your Goddess how beautiful
you found me to be, she may have asked me if she could share my
images with you, and I would have let her. But you broke her trust,
and now it will be very hard for you to ever earn my trust.”

I hung my head in shame, she was right. But the I realized what she
said. It would be hard for me earn her trust. That meant it was
still possible. On some level, maybe just maybe she didn’t mind me
deriving erotic pleasure from her images, it was only how I went
about it that was the problem. That have me hope.

“Alice,” Goddess Sierra spoke, “do you know why Fiona is here tonight?”

I answered “No, I did not look at any of your other e-mails, but I
am guessing it is because you caught me and wanted me to confess to

“No Alice,” Goddess Sierra responded, “Several weeks ago I told her
how skilled you were with your tongue. She wanted to experience
that. Now I don’t know if I should let you worship her that way.”

Fuck me with a rusty jagged dildo. I had to find a way to fix this,
I just had to.

“Goddess Sierra, please, please, I know I must be punished and I
know it must be severe, but please do not deny Fiona the pleasure
she deserves just because I royally fucked up.”

Fiona then asked me “Alice, you derived sexual pleasure from my
images without my permission. Can you promise me you won’t derive
sexual pleasure from eating me out?”

I hung my head and answered “No, I can not think of a way I could
pleasure you without receiving pleasure myself.”

Goddess Sierra then chimed in “I can.”

I looked up at Goddess Sierra, and from the wicked smile on her
face, I knew she had a plan and a plan she was really looking
forward to carrying out. It would have been wrong for me to do
anything to get in the way of that pleasure, especially after how I
had disappointed her.

“Alice, go into the kitchen and get the slotted cooking spoon.”

I started crawling towards the kitchen. I knew I was in serious
trouble. Sometimes when Goddess Sierra spanked me, she used a
paddle. It hurt but the surface area of the paddle was large,
spreading out the impact. Other times she used a hairbrush. That was
actually my favorite. Despite the rubber coating, it had a smaller
surface area so it stung more. Yet after being spanked, she usually
gave me the pleasure of being allowed to brush her hair with it, my
ass still stinging, yet that pleasure made all the preceding pain
worth it and that pleasure was even heightened by the pain I had
just felt and continued to feel.

The slotted wooden cooking spoon, that had an even smaller surface
area and the slots in the spoon allowed air to pass through so it
really stung when she swatted me with it. But when she used it, my
ass wasn’t the only target. She also would use it to tap my balls.
Not with as much thrust as when spanking my ass, but it doesn’t take
much thrust against the balls to make even someone with a high pain
tolerance cry.

I put the handle of the slotted spoon in-between my lips, like a dog
carrying a bone, and crawled back to the living room. Goddess Sierra
took the spoon from my mouth, and pointed over towards Fiona, who
was sitting there in anticipation, her knees spread apart, ready for
me to worship her orally.

As I put my head between Fiona’s thighs, I could feel Goddess Sierra
lifting my short skirt over my back and pulling my panties down. I
knew that with the slotted spoon, I would have to spread my knees
apart a bit to give her easy access to slapping my balls with it.

As I started going to work on Fiona, Goddess Sierra started spanking
me. Fiona grabbed my hair with both her hands and started pulling on
it, the pain a brief distraction from the pain Goddess Sierra was

I started to work on Fiona more intensely. Goddess Sierra had
vouched for my oral, I had to prove she was right. Fiona started to
moan, and the sting on my ass intensified as Goddess Sierra spanked
it harder and harder, every now and then without warning giving the
balls a good slap causing me to quiver in pain.

Fiona switched positions, laying back further in her chair. The
grasp of her hands on my head tightened and she lifted up her feet,
digging her heels into my back. Her moaning increased and her body
started twitching.

I would like to think it was all my skill giving Fiona her pleasure,
but I knew a large part of it was Goddess Sierra’s skill with the
cooking spoon. I knew Fiona was getting off on watching Goddess
Sierra work, the pleasure she saw in Goddess Sierra’s eyes, the way
she could feel my twitching as I ate her out with every skillful
strike Goddess Sierra delivered.

Fiona’s body really started to quiver, and I knew she would orgasm
soon. The pitch of her voice went up, her heels dug into my back
with excruciating pain, and her grip on my hair increased even more.
Goddess Sierra knew it coming too, she stopped with the cooking
spoon and grabbed my balls directly, squeezing them, and then Fiona

She let go of my hair and put her heels back on the floor, and
Goddess Sierra released my balls. I knew it was over, all that was
left for to do was to lap up everything Fiona had produced that
wasn’t already on my face.

Fiona’s breathing rate started to slow down again, and then she
spoke to Goddess Sierra.

“Oh Sierra, your plan worked beautifully.”

“Yes,” Goddess Sierra responded, “And your timing with the e-mail
was perfect. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.”

Damn. I had been set-up.

Not a wooden spoon but you get the idea -Cookin’ Up Trouble

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