CFNM: Guide To Looking Good Naked

How To Look Dressed To The Nines Even Whilst Donning A Birthday Suit That You Feel Is Less Than A Ten

All It Takes Is A Little Inge-nudity!


Remember the infamous Seinfeld episode where the gang pontificates on Good Vs. Bad Naked? If yes skip to the next paragraph, if no -well then frankly I feel sorry for ya  cuz that was a rip-roaring good one. Methinks you must educate yourself and get thee to Hulu to see, “The Apology” Season 9 Episode 9 unless you require an OTK spanking to smack some sense into you first.

The following tips and tricks with help you look your very best. You may be a proud exhibitionist, or maybe more of the sad, small-dicked humiliation-slut, CFNM fancier but either way you can look your best subbie-self by perusing the following:

Always Hold Yourself In The Proper Posture -Is your stance pre-posture-ous? hehe Always stand up straight shoulders up and out and chest arched slightly forward.

Use Lotion -Isn’t Just For Jerking Off. Your Skin needs nourishment externally to stay smooth, soft and supple

Hydrate -H2O for internal replenishing.

Go For Mood Lighting -Even supermodels know that fluorescent lights don’t make anyone look their best. Soft light with a subtle pink or yellow glow, natural (ooo moonlight is always sexy) or candlelight  😉

Avoid Goosebumps And Sweat-Regulate the temperature if possible so you are not verklempt and clammy or chilly.

Manscape/Groom -Trim a little if au naturale, shave or wax. It not only looks inviting but feels amazing to have skin on skin contact. And yes, it makes your cock look bigger. Sissies have no fear, tucking

Eat Right and Exercise  -Goes Without saying but it’s helpful to have a reminder for a healthy, happy body. Masturbation and wild sex can burn calories so fuel your body with premium grade goodies.

Walk This Way –Walk, Stand, Sit At A Diagonal Angle   -From the runway catwalks to the red carpet, this trick gives the optical illusion of being extra slender and fit from a two-dimensional plane perspective. Try to stand or sit on the diagonal, with a small twist at the waist as opposed to head-on positioning. Walk with deliberate steps one foot directly in front of the other. This cinches your waist automatically by slightly twisting it in a fluid motion giving your frame a trim look while you walk.

No need for dousing on the cologne most women prefer the just showered fresh scent of soap and pheromones!

Lastly and Most Importantly…

Be Confident You’re Fabulous -So own it Baby!! Get comfy by baring it all more often. It’ll make you feel more spritely, free and frisky.  Just don’t open any pickle jars in the nude.  If you still don’t get that reference you know what your assignment is!

You are now ready to get in the buff for your mistress  worshipping in the nude on cam, and be erotically exposed, naked and needy for me!