Yesterday and today (depending on your time zone) is known as Bridgit’s Day (or according to the Celtic version “Brighid’s Day”) that is the Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring and the return of the sun goddess. It’s a time to welcome the lighter, warmer days of spring which are slowly blooming. While we still may have a month of snowy, wintry weather to muddle through, there is the bright knowledge of the oncoming change of seasons upon us. It a wonderful time of year to embrace the sexier side of life. The promise of spring tidings offer the elemental fire of passion and renew a sense of awakening that hits us at our core of deepest desires and seduction of the flesh. Soon, skirts will be shorter, bodies more exposed and we will revel in the sunny day’s balmy touch before you know it.


I plan on lighting some candles, taking a cleansing soak, painting my nails in pastels and looking through my spring collection catalogs to prepare for the new cute lingerie and outfits. As much as I love winter I do have a little spring fever and feel the itch of a need to get out and shine.

How are you going to celebrate the impeding light?