Femdom Girl Crush

This lovely lady making sultry eyes at you is none other than Claudia one of my very best gal pals. *I promised to note that the sultry gaze above was only a deep yin for a Krispy Kreme donut I bribed her with.  However, I think she genuinely liked being a bit of a shutterfly for this selfie I begged her to send me ;)* I wanted to highlight her in a Femdom Girl Crush blog post because she is beautiful in all the right places. That is to say not she’s pretty  just in the frivolous skin-deep, superficial areas. She’s also that, in the soul-soaring-fiery-hearted-laugh-till-you-cry-tears-of-joy- friend-until-the-end-ride-or-die kind of gorgeous. 

She played a pivotal role in helping me embrace my inner goddess and casting aside my, “What will they think???”, mentality that societal pressure is just so very apt at instilling in the insecure. When among friends who see inside to the true us, it’s like finding your soul-home. 


Stay tuned and if you are good pets you may just get lucky with a few more pics and updates -Who knows a little cameo hello  if she’s in the neighborhood perhaps ;)…

Do you have any crushes that get your motor going? What is it you like about them and how long have you been crushing? I think part of a true crush for me is respecting the person inside and out. Anyone can be attractive externally but someone who radiates a certain l’amour de la vie that is enticing on a soul-deep level.

I plan on having more Girl Crush Chronicles in the future and do so hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Girl Crush

She’s being all fancy in a photoshoot *Drool*


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