Girl Crush Sensual Domina Part 2

Did you guess who that sensual domina Girl Crush of mine is yet? It’s Mortica Addams! Goth Glam and yet cheerful and warm who wouldn’t love her?  The mystique of Mortica is so on par with the sensual domina’s playbook it’s irrefutable. Let’s check out all her different portrayals.

sensual domina

Barbra Jean Day

Barbra Jean Day was Charles Addams first wife & the original  inspiration of his The New Yorker comic creation Morticia Addams. Love that smirk!

sensual domina

Comic Morticia Addams

Check out those killer cheekbones even prominent in 2D form!


sensual domina

Carolyn Jones

From the television show The Addams Family (1964-1966). She had an air of mischief and sweetness about her to be sure.  Sensual teasing is such a powerful tool in  BDSM enslavement

sensual dominate

Anjelica Huston

Anjelica Huston movie two depictions from The Addams Family (1991)  & The Addams Family Values  (1993). Love those blood-red lips are so subtly domineering


Voiced by Nancy Linari!

The cartoon Show The Addams Family (1992-1993) Adorable throwback to her comic persona.


Bebe Neuwirth in the Broadway version (2010)

Ms. Bebe is such an intelligent sexy lady!


My Bestie as Ms. Addams

My other Girl Crush Claudia as Ms.Addams (Luv ya girl! XOXO)