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Girl Crush: Mad About Maya

Mad About Maya

Marvelous Maya

My first girl crush of Winter 2018 is a lovely lady I have enjoyed for years: Ms. Maya Ruldoph from Bridesmaids, and of course, SNL fame. She’s smart, sassy and hilarious. Nothing is sexier to me than the ability to find and share humor and laughter with whip fast comedic timing. Her impressions are so spot-on, that she can capture the magic of multiple women at the drop of a hat. One moment she’s Maya Angelou, then Whitney, Diana Ross, Charo, Beyonce, Lisa Kudrow, Oprah, Christina Aguilera and that’s just to name a few! She sparkles the most though just being her cute self. Plus, I’ll admit I’m a sucker for her big doe brown eyes.

Marvelous Maya


Really awesome Maya factoid: Her mother is Minnie Riperton! Yes, that golden voiced songwriter songtress from 1975 single “Lovin’ You.” Minnie is a five-octave coloratura soprano. No doubt where Maya’s great singing voice comes from. How cool is that? Plus, her dad is a singer-songerwriter as well. A whole musical family!

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