Best Foot Forward!


So my main boy-toy Xander and I had what’s becoming our traditional midweek movie night. I had never seen from Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn and lucky for me I knew very little about the premise which made it all the more fun. Now I don’t want to get into the details lest I ruin the plot for you so the only *spoiler alert* I’ll mention here is not story arc specific:  Salma’s Hayek’s feet! Wowza!!! I knew good ol’ Quentin had a foot fetish (Kill Bill is another showcase for footie fanciers as well as lots of clips from his other films BTW) so of course he cast himself in the foot-licker role front and center. Power to him,  not many fetishists can place themselves in such a wonderful position.




I don’t own this image of course -found on tumblr.  Reelin’ and hooking him in!

I don't own this image -found on tumblr here she's reelin' and hooking him in like a fish



In turn, I also was on the receiving end of ample attention and adoration. Xander decided he should give my feet a treat as well. My benediction that night was “thank you Salma Hayek’s tootsies.” All her seductive snake-dance slinkiness acted as the prefect primer for us. No fluffing required as he was hard when he arrived at my place and that dance had him set to turbo-fuck mode. It really added some spice into our already scorching hot night. We even enacted out our own foot fountain scene with the champagne he so thoughtfully brought for us. Everything is better with bubbles!! And how very fitting that we were up till dawn with our sexy shenanigans still going strong as the sun came up.


~**Special shout out to a certain foot slut caller that read me the letter he was made to write to his main Mistress and Master thanking them for letting him have the privilege of cleaning and suckling their feet. I approved of it as I’m sure they did too.  Cheers to you and wish you could have seen us last night. 😉 **~

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