My Doll

Lingerie: Splendid Splurges & Urges


I have a friend named Skylar that I met through the wondrous Empire.  We exchange little teasing witticisms, tongue-and-cheek jokes, rant and rave about how Frederick’s of Hollywood is conspiring to take our paychecks from us.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our times together looking through chemises of many different makes, materials and colors. I prefer blue on him as it brings out his eyes. He’s my little pet. My doll that I can dress up however I see fit –maybe curmudgeonly, reluctant and grudgingly at times (it’s quite endearing) but he always relents into temptation and yields to my whims. After all I know what he looks best in –and out of …


His impeccable taste very closely resembles my own.  So much in fact he too enjoys playing my lil’ devil on the shoulder coaxing me into buying and online shopping with him for hours. We torment each other with imagery of the silkiest of negligees, brightly colored bustier lingerie and ruffled, bonded, sequined & lacy corsets. He doesn’t like to admit it but I’m setting the foundation to get him a full-fledged wardrobe of everything from shoes to dresses, petticoats. panties and hosiery.



There are a few points we don’t always see eye-to-eye on. For example I am a bit of a “comfort slut” and love flannel. This seems to disturb Skylar. I remember saying I was born at the wrong time cuz if I was a Generation X-er my sometimes haphazard, devil-may-care, disheveled and natural “freshly-fucked” look would seem so perfectly grunge-inspired. However perhaps there is a point to how he feels. Nihilism is overrated after all. And pretending not to care/try also takes time and effort to cultivate ironically.


So cheers to Skylar, my fashion guru & man-doll who keeps me on the right fashion-forward path. In the words of Fernando aka Billy Crystal on SNL, “It is better to look good than to feel good.” At least SOME of the time….


Do you have a fashionista friend shop buddy? Do share. Or if you are looking to be led into temptation –I can find it all half price and red-hot. So come conspire with me and have some fun….the best is yet to come