foot fetish, foot worshipDo You Lust For Feet?

When you walk past women on the street, do you find yourself glancing down to see what they’re wearing on their feet? If you spy a bare arch or catch a glimpse of painted toes, does it send a shiver down your spine? When a woman crosses her legs and begins that sexy little foot bounce, does the movement mesmerize you? If you spot a woman with bare feet, do you feel weak in the knees and catch yourself daydreaming about having your lips wrapped around her toes, savoring the taste and feel of each and every one?

If any of these questions describe you, then you, my dear, may have a bit of a foot fetish. That is just perfect…

Confess Your Foot Fetish to Me

Simply put, my soft, supple feet adore attention – and they want yours! Each of my ten toes and the remainder of my well-kept feet want your undivided attention, so tell me just how much you long to shower them with affection and adoration.

Confess those fantasies you have of serving my feet, being treated to a delicious foot job, and emptying the creamy white contents of your raging hard-on all over my wiggling toes. Admit that you want to touch my silky feet in any way you can – massaging them with your hands, slipping your fingers between my toes, praising them with your lips and tongue, rubbing your face against the well-buffed soles…

Kneel For Your Foot Worship Session

When you share your foot fetish with me, be sure I will indulge you with a thoroughly divine session of foot worship. Kneel at the objects of your desire, and take one of my feet carefully in the palm of your hand, scatter light kisses on the underside of each manicured toe, push your wet tongue between those tight crevices between my toes, and take each toe in your mouth one at a time, one-by-one.

Let your tongue roam along the ball of my foot, bathing it gently, before you slide the tip of your tongue down my arch, which simultaneously tickles and sends a shiver of delight down my spine. Lick my heel, then kiss my ankle on both sides. Now, repeat your oral ministrations on my other foot, because I know you do not want it to feel left out or neglected.

Treats Are For Good Foot Lovers Only

If you do what I deem to be a good job and I am happy with your efforts, you might just get to slip your throbbing cock between the raised arches of my feet and be treated to the most arousing foot job you have ever had. If I am particularly pleased with you, I might command you to cover my feet and toes with your warm, pearly man-paint.

Would you like that? I thought you might, so let’s not waste any time. My feet –soles, arches, toes, heels, every pat of them- are yearning for your attention as much as you are hot and hard over the thought of giving them all you’ve got!

Thank you, Ms. Fiona, for being such a gracious hostess and inviting me to offer up my attention-demanding, petite feet here on your blog! I would love to put my feet on display beside yours for a thorough worshipping session any time! Can you imagine how wild and over the edge we could drive some daring foot adorer?!

foot fetish, foot worship


Thanks so much sexy Lady. What a hot post from a sexy Mistress!

 XOXOX -Fiona