Flirting With the Five Senses  Part 2

Fake and Flaunt

Regardless of if you are feeling sexy or not, you can still emanate allure with a confident demeanor. This will make flirting with the five senses so much easier. Fake it ’til you make it!  Hold yourself upright –no slouching shoulders. Think of  Audrey Hepburn, the film ingénue and classical trained ballerina. She use to imagine an invisible string that she was suspended from and that held her gently alight. She had such poised dignity and grace and moved with an effortless fluidity so pretend you are projecting that same energy of calm confidence. Add in a smile, when we smile our mind automatically begins to follow the physical cue and soon we really do feel a bit happier. It becomes true and can be contagious.


Coy Ploy

Think of flirting in any of the five sense in its preliminary stages as a tease and deny/delay session. So close yet just out of reach. An elusive energy that plays peek-a-boo with you but doesn’t real all. Make your crush wonder about what more is hidden and not yet attained. Set imaginations afire & make em work for it. You set the tone and lay the foundation on how others should engage with you in these early stages.  Treat yourself well and make sure a potential suitor follows your example.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall How is the Flirtiest One of All?

Mirroring, is the subtle and often subconscious act of reflecting someone’s stance, speech patterns, facial expressions and hand gestures back to them. People remember how we make them feel more than anything else. It’s also less about what we say than how we say it, what we hint at in-between the lines. Pique interest and make arouse curiosity abut don’t offer it all up on a sliver platter; rather ration it out and make others earn it.


Body Language

Tilting your head slightly upward with arched brows and wide-eyed interest are all good examples of a receptive stance at a glance. When we pivot our body slightly closer to  our object of attention, we help others to relax with how open we are. Leaning in and facing someone directly shows avid interest. Think about how you hold your body when you are completely in your chill zone with your friends and then think about how you hold yourself when you are nervous or among strangers. Which do you think you would want to project?

Seducing The Fab Five Senses



Light teasing touches to emphasis the conversation or a quick arm pat can convey attraction. Feminine signals often include the hair flip which is a very popular example of this, idly playing with accessories like the beads of a necklace, tracing a finger to the pout of the mouth or applying lip gloss and foot twirling/shoe dangling are a few more.


The Sly eyes have it

You don’t have to utter a word when your eyes do all the talking. Direct eye contact with a small smile and then flickering your focus away,  then swaying it back again is always an intriguing way to express seduction. Your eyes may  say yes but your smile can elude them with indecipherable emotions. It’s not how you look so much as what looks you give.

Another fun little flirting fact is wearing red inspires attraction. From a broad spectrum of species, a bright, bold color like that  in the wild shows power with the ability to stand out without being prey, so it is a widespread wink that denotes sensual prowess.


Laughter is music to the ears and is very helpful in making others feel more confident when you make an effort to encourage their jokes with a little good-natured giggling.



A whiff of pumpkin spice is always nice. Vanilla, ginger, lavender and All Spice are all popular scents that attract others since it brings to mind the cozy comfort of food. In fact many studies show that scents which a culinary twist are more likely to be considered preferential to others than  more synthetic perfumes that are more floral in aroma.

This brings us to…


Always have mints or cinnamon gum handy so you feel fresh to kiss & seal the deal. You can also flirt with dessert; positively associate yourself with the hottie you are sweet on by sharing a yummy treat together. Hence why a coffee and dessert date is a good early date opportunity.


 Have Fun

Flirting should be carefree and enjoyable. Think about where you feel the most like yourself and content and where the type of cutie you’d like to meet would be. A coffee café, bookstore, nightclub, or museums etc. Those are the places that make for the best hunting grounds to scope out possibilities. Use your sexy sleuthing to infer those little telling signals and think about joining a social group like where you can get to know locals in groups based on mutual hobbies in a no-pressure friendly environment that can easily lead to potential dating options.

“A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point. That’s basic spelling that every woman ought to know.”-Anon

It’s like shopping, you are browsing the merchandise, trying ideas on for size and  you don’t have to buy anything till you find the perfect fit and it feels right.

It’s truly addictive. I use to be shy -can you believe that?? Now I am loving being a cock tease.


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