How might you make yourself useful to me? What sets you apart from all the others so willing to bend to my whims? Can your flexible limbs hold up as a strong foundation for the ultimate in bodily objectification?

One of my personal favorite forms of humiliation and service submission is to treat a fine specimen of masculinity as an inanimate but ornamental item whose sole purpose is to bring me comfort and relaxation. I can relax and absently let my hair down and let loose all the while you are using your energy, agility and supreme focus to try and remain stock still.  What a lovely contrast! You throbbing and aching to move and me all sprawled out seductively tempting you effortlessly.

To be touching you while you aren’t allowed to reach back. Frozen in place until you have permission to release hose contracting muscles.

Perhaps you’d make a suitable footstool to rest my weary little feet on after a long day in heels. Maybe a nice centerpiece to add to my collection?  If your firm stance and form can keep you in place and hold tight enough to support my wiggling and restless taut little body that is.  I want to test your durability as my functional décor and see how you might provide me with the respite of a lounge, your body heat and breath tickling and warming my backside. Your face fit for a princess?  Maybe you just might just make the perfect pleasure pedestal for my pudenda?