Fiona's Forecast

         Fiona’s Forecast


Thank You

Thanks so much to everyone that gave well wishes, notes, gifts and all manner of thoughtfulness for the holidays and my birthday this past Saturday. It’s especially sweet considering I have a birthdate following so quickly on the candy cane striped heels of a major holiday and yet still you all manage to spoil me rotten. You all are so sweet! As a thank you, everyone who calls this week gets a free 5 mins on their call simply by using the code “5 from Fiona.”

Birthday Girl


Schedule Update: Sing it with me, “Working nine to five…”

Haha. That’s been in my head all week. My schedule page has been updated with my newly retooled hours. As always exceptions for appointments and special requests are still honored when applicable for my special pets. ????

Glam Crutches


Right Foot Forward:

It’s official! I’m giving the boot to my cast and am walkin’ pretty in regular shoes again. By the 2nd week of February I’ll be sporting those sexy heels I’ve been gifted over the past few weeks by my foot fetish fanatics.


Stayed tuned for my new Girl Crush Post

Fiona Flurries