Hello, kinsters! Guess what, buttercups? My skype is back up and running, so text and skype sessions are all systems go. In fact, today I just had a thrilling session with my pain-slut pet “Bordello.” This was perfect since I was in the mood for some TNG CFNM.

Making it Snappy and Slash-y

So, mister Bordello stripped down till he was stark naked, and then the real fun began!  Bordello loves somatosensory stimulation on his little feet. He’s a bit of a bastinado aficionado. So he proceeded to whip himself into quite the foot flagellation frenzy. The sound of a whip-cracking and sole-smacking was quite a thrill.  Fifty lashes later, I was astounded by how flexible he is.  Today was the first time I saw a self-whipping done with a sjambok/litupa. I still don’t know how he managed to do it without unhinging his joints.

Anyway Bordello, I’m quite impressed thanks for making me laugh and amusing me with the warbling singing while you toasted your toosties.