Fiona’s Auction

Hmmm ….gee I wonder why the catchy lyrics “You Better You Bet” by The Who have been lingering & loitering in and out of my mind the past few weeks…. 😉


A.) It’s a kick-ass song


B.) That’s right -it’s my Auction Week! So it’s time to get your bid/bet on!

Fiona’s Auction:

November 4th -10th

Starting Bid: $10.00 per Item

Now I wanted to include a little something for every one of my fetishist fans so I did my best and came up with three little tokens of appreciation to offer up to you all.

Fiona’s Auction Item 1:

Adjustable back collar with blue heart tag reading Miss. Fiona’s, Li’l Boy-Toy (and the contact number for if lost please return to) LDW 1 800 721 1962. Perfect for a proud pet wanting to show off their fondness for all things Fiona ;0)

Item 2:

Adjustable Pink Rhinestone studded collar with heart tag inscribed, “Miss Fiona’s Lil Sissy Slut” (with same contact info as above). Perfect for the sissy pet that wants to show off fashion prowess and mistress dedication.

Item 3:

Navy Blue and white lace Satin Garter worn by yours truly. Style highlights: a sweet little bedazzled bow with floral sparkle embellishment. This little guy has an interesting short behind it. I was in my friend Claudia’s wedding this past year and this was her “something blue” that she wore under her gown and which I subsequently caught when she did the ceremonial throw.

Typically a guy is suppose to catch the garter and a chick the bouquet but in an odd twist of fate she had 2 separate bouquets to catch. One for the chicks to keep and a smaller one for the menfolk for the garter swap.

It came right at me as I was minding my own business and was perusing the well-stocked buffet. I guess being a 3rd baser in high school softball paid off, since I effortlessly one-handed it much to the surprise of all the guys vying for it on the other side of the room. Claudia’s aim was either way off or she wanted me to catch it.

Turning Tradition On Its Head

We then decided to turn the tradition on it’s head and I, not the groom took off the garter and Claudia put it on me. An allegorical passing of the torch I suppose 😉

It was an honor getting the opportunity in front of the whole wedding party to sexily and slowly slide it down her luscious long leg and then have it seductively secured betwixt my thigh and under the hem on my dress where it stayed nestled for the duration of the evening.

We greatly enjoyed making the men melt at that party with our bawdy little performance. And now it can be your own little mistress memento!  Thanks Claudia for letting me borrow your gorgeous leg again for the promo photo shot and my pet Xander for lending me that oh so bite-able neck of yours 😉

Each one comes with a thank you note from me and a lipstick kiss straight from my glossy pink pucker. So place your bids and bet on the ones you like. I apologize on the lack of detailed focus but my grainy photos are the best I can do on my cell camera 😀

Item 1 Black Collar Blue Tag

Item 1 Black Collar Blue Tag -Actual Boy Toy not included sorry 😉

Item 2 Pink Collar

Item 2 Pink Collar


Item 3 Garter Fiona's Auction

Item 3 Sexy Garter -Leg not included 😉

Fiona's Auction

Item 3 Sexy Garter

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