Sissy Wardrobe Intervention From the Scourge of the Purge

Need some ideas to prevent purging of all your girl goodies?


-When shopping, spring for expensive items & keep receipts to remind you that by purging you are basically throwing away your hard earned $$$. This makes for a good excuse to pamper yourself too. Splurge don’t purge. 😉

-Remember your 3 “P’s”: Pause ponder, & problem solve.

*Pause -Take a moment and take a deep breath.

*Ponder -What triggered the need to get rid of your wardrobe both now and in the pass? Is there a pattern you can decipher? Also, remind yourself that these inclinations of buying and then trashing and rebuying can be cyclical and wasting your wardrobe won’t curb the craving or the need to express and accept your feminine side. In contrast, the sense of wanting to purge phase does taper off in time. Suppressing just leads to stressing.

*Problem Solve -What can you do when these negative emotions emerge? What would be a good stress-busting distraction to placate yourself until the desire passes?

-Contact your mistress or go to for support. Yes, we are mistresses of phone fantasy exploration but also here for you to listen and help.

-Wait at least 3 days before actually getting rid of anything and then see how you feel. Chances are the feelings will have passed. If you still feel you want to purge after giving it a long hard contemplation and it is what you deeply desire to do, think about the donation of anything that isn’t actual undergarments or panties so that at least someone will get to enjoy those skirts, dresses etc.