En Femme Fantasy: My Femmy Valentine

It’s that time of year again: Arrow slinging cupid cherubs, stores donning chocolate laden heart boxes. The florists’ display windows budding with bursts of bouquets. Those of you that are regular readers of my blog know, it doesn’t take much for me to get all aflutter and buzzed, and itching for an excuse to celebrate. Hope you enjoy the following en femme fantasy.


After a lavish dinner complete with the requisite red roses, and bottle of bubbly you tell me it’s time for dessert. You whip out a small satin bag that has a glint of a shimmer peeking out from the inside. I ravenously grasp at the drawstrings and pull out the lustrous baby blue, buttery soft charmeuse. The teddy has tiers of billowy lace ruffles delicately cascading from the edge of the bust line. I  tell you how much I love it giggling in sheer delight.


I really didn’t think you bought it although I did see you eyeing it excitingly when I pointed it out at the lingerie store a few days ago. However you apparently picked up my subtle hint for making it part of our  Valentine’s celebration. This particular make and style was selected by me for a reason. It is adjustable and can accommodate most sizes in the most flattering drape of ruching. So I knew I could eyeball the fit without having to see it on beforehand.

You then ask me what am I dallying for  –it will look so much better on. I agree and hand it to you with a lascivious smirk. You look bemused and positively befuddled until I tell you that this is MY V-day surprise.

The Truth Speaks Without You Having To Say Anything

Your secret isn’t worth denying the truth is written all over that eager ache exposed in your eyes and all without you having to utter a single word.

I want YOU to wear it and you best hurry up and slip it on since I have the rest of your gift arriving and HE will not want to be kept waiting….

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my En Femme Friends, Cuckold Cupids, Vanilla Valentines, and Sweet Submissives!

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