Femme Altar: Honoring the Divine Femininity

Sissy Femme Altar


Hey there all my sis gurls, panty pets and femme worshipping lovers of all things girly! Today I wanted to talk about making a special place for your sissified side not just literally but figuratively as well. It’s a way to make room for your passion.

Why have a femme altar?

  • You can use an altar as an interactive way to engage and energize your inner feminine power.
  • It reminds you to take some time to enjoy and experience all that inspires you and help to manifest that magic into your daily life.
  • It’s a nondenominational form of sissy spirituality, pondering, honoring the divine inside yourself and the femme essence that can be used in conjunction with any spiritual path you are on or as a standalone way to connect to the aspects of yourself that you want to be more in touch with.

Where to get started?

Online sites like tumblr and Pinterest have wonderful ideas for Divine Femininity Altar Ideas

Examples of what you may like to use:

  • Ritualized cosmetics charged with positive intent.
  • Mantras and your sissy scrapbook/ diary of your journeys en femme.
  • Scarves for dramatic draping.
  • Sissy assignments.
  • Fave accessories.
  • Erotic toys.
  • Collages, art, and poems whatever you create.
  • Pampering kits like organic bubble bath, lip gloss, fragrant oils etc.
  • Whatever makes you feel fabulous and fem-tastic. You can change it up as often as you like. There is no right or wrong way to do this!

I have on mine currently:

  • My dragon earrings that act like a talisman when I feel I need protection and courage.
  • Goddess energy oracle cards.
  • A summertime painting of the beach.
  • Seashells.
  • Body jewels that I wear with my bikini.
  • Handmade potpourri satchels.
  • Origami lotus flowers –they are so meditative to make and are great for feeling centered and grounded.
  • Cinnamon incense.
  • Candles.

Now I completely understand the lifestyle limitations some of you have regarding the lack of space and privacy but my dears there are ways to circumvent potential problems it just takes some a little pixie dust and ingenuity!

In a case like that try making micro altars that can fit within an altoids box or a drawer or a special locked treasure chest.