This wonderful feminization guest post edition is from Miss Matty Sue. Thank you, doll!

Feminization Guest Post

Walking down the street I wrapped my coat tighter as the cool wind
began to chill my bones.  A shiver went up my spine, but as I turned
behind me there was nothing there.  As i turned back I noticed a
figure standing on the road where none had been before.  Walking into
the light the shadow became a strikingly beautiful figure.  Frozen in
fear I watched as she stepped ever closer, gliding along the road as
if she were not completely there.  Her pale gray eyes seemed to
penetrate my soul, and her crimson lips looked ready to devour my very
being.  She smiled and whispered in my ear, “Would you like a kiss?”
I felt i had no choice but to agree, and nodded my head in submission.
Her smile broadened as she grabbed me and gave me a full passionate
kiss.  Her skin was cold as ice but her lips hot as fire.  As she
released me, she stepped backwards and laughed heartily.  “Enjoy your
gift, and be careful around strangers.  Farewell my darling.”  With
that she seemed to rise into the night like a swirling silver mist.
Engulfed in shadows and secrets, she was gone as quickly as she had
appeared.  It was only then that I realized I was changing, but into

My lips were still burning, and there was a swelling in my chest.  I
felt dizzy and light-headed, and my legs crumpled beneath my weight.
My hands felt soft as I rubbed my now smooth legs.  My groin flared up
in pain and what felt like an explosion erupted as i cried out for
help.  Upon examination i realized my plight, my manhood had shifted
into the sweet flower of a woman.  At this moment i noticed my chest
had swelled into two large breasts, magnificent and gorgeous, but
weighing on my every breath.  I noticed myself in a store window and
was shocked.  I now had long blonde hair and full pouting red lips.
My eyes were lined in a dark and devious color, and I had a strong
desire to place a kiss on an unsuspecting man as I had once been.  I
wrapped my coat tightly around my body and continued down the road,
hoping to meet a stranger.

                                                                    By -Miss Matty Sue.