How To Feel Effortlessly Elegant and Feminine


So You Want To feel More feminine ? Some days I know I do.  There are a myriad of tips to make one feel closer connected with their femininity more often and it brings the rhetorical question to mind; “What makes a woman?”  Here are just a few of my fave…


For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.For beautiful hair, run your fingers through it once a day.For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.-By

Sam Levenson

My good friend Katie and I were discussing the various ways one can feel in touch with their softer side. While glam dress-up, killer-heels and the complete works of cosmetics with hair styled to perfection are always fun to play-up, they are mere props to the inner beauty they help us tap into; that radiant reserve of the ageless energy with a graceful yet exceedingly powerful strength within.

Mindful intentions: Ritualized reverence can revitalize your outlook and in turn, how you look and feel.  Think of all magic that secretly lies in the everyday. There are daily opportunities to care for  yourself that can be seen as a way to bond with yourself:  A celebratory siesta, cleansing bath of bubbles to wash away your worries, and taking the time to take in the moment while stopping to smell the fragrant flowers.

Actions Speak Louder Than Looks.

The very way you inhabit and own your body  is the epitome of being properly poised.

You can liken it to method acting wherein you become what you wish to project. In your mind’s eye picture the way a ballet dancer freely flits across the stage, or the sinewy agility of a lone lioness taking in her surroundings with acute perception. Both seem paradoxical images and yet they are two sides to the same entity which is the quiet precision and feminine fluidity of movement. Whenever you see what you define as the embodiment of that which you wish to project, visualize yourself as an extension to that same eternal source.

Music, meditiation, Mantras, Dance and Yoga Are All Ways To Connect Into the Web of Womanly Wonder.

Music -Developing a playlist or soundtrack is a powerful tool to help you sync up with that sensational side of yourself.

Meditation –This doesn’t have to be anything exotic. Whatever makes you feel an intense sense of serenity will suffice. Sometimes just relaxing in that zen state of doing nothing, is all it takes to recharge and energize all the parts of you that hibernate during the day-to-day chaos of life.

Mantras -The words we speak to ourselves mentally resonate more powerfully than we realize so make sure your inner dialogue is like that you would have with a close friend or confidante. Never say to yourself anything you wouldn’t say to someone you care deeply about. We are guardians of our own mind and whenever a thought sneaks in that is potentially harmful to our peace of mind, think of a brawny bouncer escorting that thought right out of your consciousness.  Actively rewrite the lyrics to your life in this way.

Yoga and Dance -These are also ways to connect the mind with the body. Taking a class, or watching one in the comfort of your own home are great options. Even if it feels awkward at first, you will quickly adapt. Plus it’s really not about how good you are at the actual yoga stances or dance moves. The objective of this exercise is all just a means to help you take stride with more confidence and assertiveness.

A Few More Ideas:

-Connect To Your Creativity: Make an inspiration board or cyber scrapbook of all your favorite fashions, icons, and collections of eye candy. Be your own muse.

A Sincere Smile and Lilting Laugh are free indulgences that instantly make anyone look instantly younger and full of life.

Wrap yourself in soft, irresistibly touchable panties and camisoles of satin, silk and soft fabrics. Being comfortable helps you shine even brighter.


-Have a Movie Marathon and Girly Fun Time With Friends:  We unconsciously absorb as if through osmosis the attitudes and characteristics of those closest to us. Aspire to absorb the attributes of those you admire whether it’s the sirens of the silver screen  or one of your gal pals. Have a party wherein everyone brings and discusses their movies or novels with their fave femme heroines and characters.

When you nurture yourself, nurturing others comes naturally and it doesn’t get much more decadently delightful and feminine than that. 😉