Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes:

 From My Mistress Mailbox (e-mail)

“Mistress Fiona –I love heels but they hurt!!!” –Kay

Well darling while it’s true that beauty is pain at times, there are a few cheats.

I like to use Dr. Scholl’s gel pads in mine. They are a bit pricey but worth every penny. That is until the make an affordable retractable heels anyway ;). Also, you can always put a pair of Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flats Shoes w/ Carrying Case in your purse for a quick break.



“Ms. Fiona, my skin is so dry in the winter! I keep getting rough patches and these little cracks on my hands and fingers. So not sexy!” –Adeline



Please don’t forget to wear gloves because windburn is almost as harmful as sunburn and makes dry skin worse. Use an antibac ointment and bandaid if they are very deep, painful cracks. Try some super cute designer band-aids like below for added protection. Once healed, Gator Balm is an herbal lotion that will aid in helping quench dry, chapped skin. Also, my personal favorite solution is Paraffin Baths! My pets are always hearing me extolling the wonders of how good they feel. Your foot joints from all those high heels will feel good after a soak as well.  Get them done at your fave nail salon or buy your own kit: Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath TB6, & Hand and Foot ComforKits and Paraffin Bead Refill Packs.

Later Gator

*Don’t try to paint your nails directly after using on your hands since the waxy moisture coating will temporarily prevent the lacquer application from adhering to your nails properly.

*All the above mentioned products are available at many local drugstores and*

Transform a Woebegone Winter Into a Wonderland:

Mistress Amber

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