Fantasy Fun Vs. Factual Fetish


Factual Fetish

Fantasy Fun Vs. Factual Fetish

(Prepared with or without a  Sprinkling of Fantasy Flavor)

Imagine if a pet tells me he/she is nervous but thinking about trying a brand new dildo. They mention they never did any ass-play before. I take that as fact. And, I’d want to be sure that said pet is ready to safely and realistically begin anal exploration. I would help aid in having them do just that by suggesting ass training exercises before hand. and making sure the set-up is in place to really go into the deep end so to speak.  Real fetish play requires real considerations and time to properly dive into.

Cam Command: The Flesh Doesn’t Lie

Webcams are wonderful tools to use in factual fetish play (especially CFNM) since it enables me to make sure pets that want to really use a dildo are doing so properly. They can also provide a window for me to peer into and can show me that my pets are being obedient by receiving spankings directly from my orders by letting me view their reddened backside and allowing me hear their flesh smacks/the crack of the whip so I know they aren’t going too easy on themselves. And they can help me bear witness to the torture of the tease during denial sessions so that I can see if my subbies really are abstaining from cumming under my command.

*To add in a little fantasy panache the dildo itself can be seen as an extension of me. I demand how it is to be used and in doing so, it’s easy to incorporate other elements of roleplaying at this point now that some basic logistics are out of the way.  Or we can just stick to the hard facts (heehee) of getting that rear in gear.

Fantasy Fun

(Optional Side Dish of True to Life Sizzle)

In contrast if a pet were to ask:

“Let’s say I have a dildo. Would you please be a harsh mistress to teach me a thing or two because I have been a naughty boy and need you to really smoke that badass of mine?”

Well then I would  most likely acquiesce that request and jump right in a fantasy retribution upon that bad little ass.

*For a dash of spice add in some realism: If the pet is good during the ass-blast session a reward of guided through step-by step masturbation. This can be used to get that cock/clitty swollen, hard and drenched with dripping desire.

Make sense?

If it makes it easier you can always shoot me an email to clarify. If you seek factual fetish an/or fantasy fun. Just let dispatch and/or myself know so when we talk I’m already aware of what you are after beforehand.  Luckily, femdom intuition, experience and instinct help. Naturally, I aspire to hone my skills in understanding and leading the way forward with both what is said and left unspoken but having your cock/clitty act as a compass always helps.

Always be very careful what you ask for you as may just actually get it….up the ass 😉 HeeHee