Fiona (27)

Hello Pets,

I just had one of subbies ask me a very interesting question:

What would be the best way to show you my  complete and utter submission and devotion?

MMMmmmm a sincere inquiry as to how to please me? Mistress catnip!

So do you want to know as well darlings? Well you don’t even have to call and have me whisper it directly in your ear as I’ll tell ya right now.

Just tell me what YOU want.

Seems so simple doesn’t it?

As a mistress of fantasy of course I enjoy nothing more than creating a fantastical world of dreams and fluff and stuff that makes you yearn for more but I also am dedicated to the nitty-gritty honest to goddess “let’s do this” approach. The line between fictitious play and factual based erotica is at times jagged and zigzagging since they can be used  contemporaneously but there is also an element of distinct contrasts to note.  I am totally game for either or both just be honest and open when telling me what you are looking for and we can take it from there.

Fetishes can be adapted to work in the realm of roleplaying, scene creating, erotic storytelling etc. (and vice versa). If fantasy fits your mood it can be used as a great trial run in testing the waters before jumping in full throttle. There is no need to be bashful, I enjoy both weaving sexy scenarios and making them come to life but it’s important for me to know which is the primary premise for what you seek.

Stay Tuned For Part Two and HAPPY HARVEST I’m grateful and thankful for you all! XOXOXXO

I'm thankful for you all ;)