Fiona gives Wings to Your Dreams

Feminization Fantasy



You know you aren’t really a man, contrary to what you pretend or what society tries to tell you, you actually are so much more. With my help, you can undergo a magical metamorphosis. And really you don’t have much of a choice anyway since I have already decided you are to be my princess project –and you aren’t that convincing as a male by the way.

Every Fairy-Goddess-mistress needs a shining gem of a transformation to add to her sparkling tiara. I want you to be mine. You aren’t fooling anyone  anyway doll 😉

Just lie back… make yourself comfortable and relax. It’s easier when you just surrender to the inner urge.

I want you to breath deeply and imagine yourself from a disembodied vague point. You are just a spirit looking upon the shell of your physical form. You are more than just that husk you realize.

Visualize how you feel inside. I want you to carry that image like a snapshot upon returning to your body.

Do you have that picture fully formed? Down to the last detail?

Now when it feels engrained to your mind’s eye, I want you to imagine yourself as a mist of energy. What color do you exude?

Are you fluid-like, a vapor, do you shimmer or glitter? Whatever form you take I want you to slowly slide back into your body atom-by-atom, fiber-by-fiber. Just like pouring a drink, consolidating slowly.

–No peeking!! I want you to feel the newfound fullness to your chest, the narrowing of your waist with a curlicue curve of a back as you your  legs elongate, and luscious hair cascades from your scalp.

You are reborn. When you open your eyes I want you to shake off the chrysalis of your past self. You may now gaze upon your reflection in the looking glass.

What was once your cock –if you can even could call it that is now a fully formed clitoris. You sense a fluttering forth to your new formation and a desirous need unlike any ever experienced as your past self. Stretch and luxuriate in the new aura you radiate.

You are finally a woman waking up from a long winter into a glorious spring.

Yes, that is really you!

Your inner beauty shines outward and transcends your physical being. You are more than just this flesh, your very spirit is aglow with femininity.

This all is just the beginning however, you have a long journey of transition ahead. No more boy clothes! You must carry yourself in a new way and tend to yourself completely differently. The way you dress, shopping tips, how to find the perfect bra, and understanding the spiritual divine female energy are all intricate aspects that comprise the sexy sum.


You are so lucky I’m here to be your feminization guide to your brand newly flourished self.  😉