This just in....

This just in….



Mistress of the Week: Spotlight on Our divine Divas of Dispatch! Show them some love for all they do. It must be like trying to defuse a bomb keeping track of you all and getting you to us in the throes of your blue ball calls.  heehee

Pass the Penis Special

How long can you get passed around without passing out?


In Other News:

  • I have a new steady teddy fucktoy-boy named Xander! He’s a switch and you can expect to hear tidbits from our  scintillating adventures in BDSM kinkery.   ;.)

  • To answer the inquiring emails: YES, I do plan on having a Mistress Goodies Auction in November! WooHoo! So hold tight and await the details as they become available

  • Also I will be updating my Pics section with some never before seen goodies.

  • I’m currently troubleshooting my audio editing software so there is a delay in recording new custom material currently. Your patience is greatly appreciated and I hope to resolve this little computer glitch shortly.

  • I haven’t forgotten about you! To all those pets I promised to post about: I am currently in a writing frenzy and you can expect to see your story blog post shortly, 🙂

Fiona’s Fall Forecast: Cloudy with a 99% chance of scattered fetishes at their finest. Please remember that even if my hours are a little helter-skelter you can always book an appointment w/ me via email or yahoo chat. I am super responsive and am usually up late even when I’m not officially logged in.

Stay tuned for all the Latest pets!