Ignore Fetish Part 2

Left in Submissive Suspense At Your Own $Expense$


…Continued. Part one can be found HERE

For example I have had some unabashedly open and exciting convos with my good friend all the while my little subpet just listened and occasionally whimpered from being denied. He knew he wasn’t allowed to cum till I was done talking and then only if and when I granted permission. I might from time to time have to reprimand  or check on the denied guy in question but mostly I get engrossed in my own little chitchat, girl talk and personal pithy persiflage.

Sometimes I let my girlfriends decide the verdict since it’s always fun to see what they say and make the sad little submissives beg us both and admit how adorably pathetic they are. Often I get the request for letting the pet in question hear both sides of our girly banter back in forth & our cacophony of giggles to top of the humiliation domination.

Just a peek….

So what have I done on in lieu of actually talking directly to my little phallus fantoccini submissives during these sessions?  Quite a lot actually! I have:

  • Taken a shower and suds up getting all squeaky clean while a dirty minded masochist, is awaiting patiently and envisioning my slender nude body awash in the steamy stream of the water.
  • Folded and organized my lingerie collection
  • Shopped and tried on new heels to taunt a boot bitch of mine that was forced to hear my test-walk footfalls at my fave boutique.
  • Talked to another mistress about our fave sex toys.


Maybe if you are good and don’t make a nuisance of myself I might even let you play with yourself a little BUT I make no promises….

More in the Esoteric Erotic Series Coming Soon!