Please Don’t Interrupt Me While I Ignore You 😉


I thought I would start doing a blog series that showcasing some of the more unique fetishes we offer here at LDW since there are so many wondrous, prurient pleasures.  

Today’s Esoteric Erotica Topic is: Ignore Humiliation Fetish Sessions


The first time I had an ignore session was a few months back when I was still a newbie green goddess of phone line femdom. It was shocking since I have a close bevy of babalicious domme friends from my in-the-flesh domination days in DC (I still go and play from time to time but I live out in the mountainous countryside now). No one ever came in and requested specifically to be ignored nor had I heard of it as a fetish.

Well, unbeknownst to be, there are many, many pets –mostly of the service submissive variety -since they seek to not draw attention to themselves and rather just be graced with helping their Mistress in various ways. And What better way to do that than not demand anything at all?

At first this took some getting use to since I hyper-focus like a predatory trance on my targeted pets while in session. It’s that same passionate intensity I bring to just about everything I do especially when it comes to listening intently to my subpups so I can figure out all their inner workings and longings. However, once I realized that those that request it genuinely get hot from it, I started to enjoy those sessions as much as all the other fetishes I indulge in. It was yet another tool to add to my mistress belt.


Time is precious especially that of the worldly women of domination.  

Now whenever an ignore session is requested by the subbies that have acquired a taste for just getting to listen to their mistress as she does her daily goings on or talks to her gal pals, other Mistress friends, or other boy toys, I get an immediate tingle of excitement.

I realize this fetish is akin to the voyeuristic streak that comes from subbies just being star struck enough to want to behold some small part of their mysterious mistresses’ world. It can be surprisingly intimate and at the same time sexually frustrating for them.

To Be Continued…