Thanks Janet!

Erotic Audio: Dammit, Janet

Some pets make great sexy entertainment. Some are amusing and funny, while others have a talent for innovative kink and a flair for conversation. Then, there are a whole other rare breed of subpups. This group is comprised of the very special few that are a spectacular hodgepodge of all the above and then some. Such an exemplary shining “for instance” would be the sweet and talented Janet (self-named from the famed “Rocky Horror Picture Show” character), who wrote this post’s erotic audio & made the awesome collage above. You might remember seeing the name in my Toy Chest/Class Pets section since various artsy odes have been dedicated to me by him & I posted each one there.


Janet is fabulous because he is both handsome and beautiful, feminine and sensitive yet masculine all at the same time. I consider Janet to be my semi-twink coerced bi-guy-friend which is way more fun than a standard, run-of-the-mill  boyfriend. In any way, shape, or form, I thoroughly enjoy Janet in each and every one the ever-changing incarnations. They all sparkle with that “It” factor magnetism that beams from him.

I look forward to our lively discussions and Yahoo Messenger  chats and consider our unique sub/dom bond to be more than I ever thought possible when I first started domming in DC. And here I wrongly presumed such relationships would be harder to forge when distant domming.  Even in person, if you don’t sense a deep rooted relationship potential with someone you see on a daily basis they can feel like a mile miles away while as they stand right in front of you.

Phone Sex

This isn’t the case even through the phone domination sessions for us. It seems it takes a special extra effort to keep connected and that strengthens the sub/dom dynamic in ways that were impossible to anticipate but are very much appreciated. Thanks Doll!



So big Hug and Mistress Kiss to you Janet Darling.  Keep on Shining!