Erotic Adventure

    My mind was ablaze with so many thoughts spinning around. Wondering just how tonight would play out, I smiled to myself thinking about all the different sexy scenarios we could endeavor depending how the evening unfurled. It wasn’t just going to be my little pet tonight with me; he suggested a dalliance that included a mutual friend and her enthusiastic agreement had sealed the deal. She was open, playful and always up to try something new so why not?
    For the first time, I would see my pet intimately embraced by another woman. It would be a heady experience and I had a sneaking suspicion the situation would whet my desire for a little voyeurism before I joined in. Pet and I had such a finely-tuned sense of what worked for us so at first this whole thing may feel a little awkward but it would also add in more than a little spice.
    What would they be like together and how would the dynamic between my pet and I subtly shift with such an alluring addition? What was she thinking at this very moment and what was flying through his mind? Would it bring out surprising elements and dimensions to our trysts and might we see each other in an altered light evolved by this erotic adventure?  It would be intriguing to see if my gently dominate tendencies double down with another strong female presence or if a more soft and sensual side wins out. The only thing I was absolutely sure of was I my eagerness to find out the answers with this “experiment” of ours.
    Reapplying my lipstick, I dabbed my lavender vanilla essential oil on my pulse points and could feel my heart pumping away and humming with exhilaration already. Eyes sparkling with mischief, freshly scrubbed teeth gleaming and cheeks glowing with the natural flush of excitement, I finally felt ready. The very air itself felt highly-charged.  I took one last look in the mirror feeling the same dizzying butterfly wings of nerves I always get when trying something a little different for the first time. I mean, I may be no stranger to the world of ménage à trois. But that said I never had one with two Lilliputians lovers that could fit on the tip of my tongue before.